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We talked a bit on the minecraft server and decided to make a topic about the lore of our different places. this topic has a few rules:

  1. Only one post from each person
  2. This post shall only be used for:
    2-1. Telling the lore of you city, fortress or monument
    2-2. Posting a few pics of your place
    2-3. Telling what you are trying to build
    2-4 EPIC Stories about what has happened on the server. (must be written from a real event but may be spiced up a bit with story telling)
  3. You can have more than one place’s lore/pics/description described in your post
  4. Pictures posted here needs to be from our server

Remember that there is an edit option you can use and please don’t start commenting a lot only comment for above noted stuff let’s try to keep this place nice and tidy :slight_smile:

if you find anything strange here or just wish to say something to me please contact me on the Glowstonehearth topic


Corus City of the Fallen Sages

AC=After Cataclysm

The old ages: In progress
The fall: In progress
Rebuilding: In progress
A new start:
Year 0 AC:
Day 1: The young wizard Thor wanders into the the the little village of Corus recognizing as what is left of his once great city of magic. Now the magic is lost and needs to be reclaimed. From the grasp of the monsters who took it.

Day 3: Thor begins the rebuilding of his tower. The magic in the flying island had faded though so a strong new power source is needed.

Day 4: Thor finally finds the entrance to the world where the First of the Beasts who destroyed Corus lives. Here he will get the power he need to get the tower flying again.

Some strange curse from the portal though results in Thor loosing his powers and transforms to one of the natives of lands - They are a lot more primitive than the old population of Corus.

Day 5: After a lot of research Thor finally lifts the curse, also from the more educated parts of the populations - other survivors from before the catastrophe.

Day 6: Thor’s hard work finally results in opening the portal and the possibility to travel to The End the plane of the monstrous beast. He invites the Dwarfs who live north of him and and sends a message across the land: “Come and help me slay one of the great three, the beasts who started the apocalypse”

After a long fight the Dragon was defeated and Thor acquired the power source for his tower.

Day 7-12 Thor begins building his tower and rebuilding the once great Corus. A noble wizard specialized in mushrooms RAGgames joins him in his quest and constructs the 2 first Mushy Rooms in the mushy district more is constructed later.

Pictures: Comming soon

Corus is a village a bit outside Geondil and quite near spawn i am trying to make a cozy little village where everybody can live if they want outside the there is going to be wizard towers and great castles :slight_smile:

The mushy district has been created It is there to be mushy over mushiness :slight_smile:
If you wish for a mushy room contact me or RAGgames


Geondil, Last Bastion Of Ardame

Lore: In the 1st era, The great Kingdom of Windshield was built by the Great Warrior Dragon and the Great Wizard Imaffol. Many immigrants fled to this Kingdom during the invasion of the “DarkSpawn”. This included Dwarves. The Great Dwarven King Newf The First left the protection of Windshield after the disappearance of the “DarkSpawn” and founded the Great Dwarven City Of Geondil. During his reign the Great Dwarf King Newf The First grew greedy and at first a few civilians left, This event caused great distress among the social circles of Geondil but was eventually forgotten but a great Merchant Wizard by the name of Joshivar set up a branch in the City of Geondil. The Great Merchant tried to win the king’s favour with lavish gifts of his greatest product: Bread. Little did the King know that the bread was filled with an ingredient called: “Sugar” which was toxic to Dwarven Kind. The King had ingested gross amounts of this bread and soon succumbed to hallucinations. When the King recovered he banned the Bread, thereby known as “Josh’s Bread”. The King soon after this great consumption of Josh’s Bread went mad. The civilian populace rose up and soon civil war broke out. The King. in his greed, continued the work being done in the Mines and it was during this war that the Forgotten Beast Ashmalice was uncovered…The Dwarves had dug too deep…

The great magical barrier constructed by the King to protect Geondil from enemies seeking to capture it was not built to withstand this sudden onslaught of enemies. The Dwarves joined together once again to combat Ashmalice. The King donned his full Golden Armour and rushed into battle, He slaughtered hundreds of thousands of demons in his first charge but they were only minor demons! The second wave of demons surprised the Dwarves as these Demons were much stronger than the first wave. Many Dwarves were overcome and killed by the Demons. The King, however, carved his way through the Demon hoard, straight to Ashmalice himself. The King and Ashmalice fought long and hard but in the end the King fell to Ashmalice.

The King’s son saw his father’s death and ordered a retreat. Collapsing the great city as they fled the remaining Dwarven populace fled Geondil in hopes of finding a new land. They were kicked out of many Kingdoms who could not support the amount of refugees and it was not until the 3rd Era that the First Great King’s great, great, great, great grandson, Newf the 6th, founded the Second Geondil.

Back in Windshield the combined forces of all the other Kingdoms had been called to aid the Dwarves but they arrived too late assuming that the Great King was calling them to help put down the rebellion. When they arrived at Geondil they found ruins, rubble and the stench of death. The Kingdoms Necromancers raised the corpses scattered around the Courtyard of Geondil (The main entrance had collapsed, not the fortifications around it) and used the Undead to dig through the rubble in search for survivors but instead of survivors they found Ashmalice and his Demon Horde. The Armies of all the Kingdoms were taken by surprise and were slaughtered by not just the power of the Demons but their numbers as well. Despite the numbers the Kingdoms united wielded the numbers of the Demons outnumbered them threefold and for every hour that the Kingdoms held out against the on rushing Demon Swarm they lost thousands of men and the demons that spewed from the remains of the fortress increased. Soon all of Windshield was consumed and destroyed by the Demons, Few escaped. An entire Kingdom wiped out because of one Dwarf’s greed.

Pictures: Coming soon

Geondil is a Dwarven Fortress overlooking the fair village of Corus. I am trying to build a mighty Fortress to rival that of the first great Dwarven City of Geondil, Long since forgotten in the ashes of Windshield


##Cloudcroft: City in the Sky

Lore: Our great CloudLord Swift_Cube, Forger of the Skies, defied the immortal gods when he built the greatest structure known to cubekind: a living cloud. Its many inhabitants are aloof in the affairs of the ground dwellers, but anyone is welcome to join.

Darrce, Town of Dark Oak

Lore: Settled by the Hooded Man while in search of The Great Lord IRON. (More To Come)

Pictures: Later

If the Citizens 2 plugin is added it will be a thriving city.

Morea, the Snowy Mountain

Lore: In 1768 SA, according to the Dwarven calendar, the Kingdom of Eldaris fell to ruin by the zombie and skeleton armies of the necromancer Horus. Seven of the surviving Stone Hearth settlers used the power of the Geomancer Alundir Gulvar to escape to another plane, and were known as the Stonehearthians, meaning “Ones of the Stone Hearth”.
The remaining survivors fled, and mourned the loss of their once great kingdom.

The year is now 2075 TA, almost three-hundred years after the fall of Eldaris. Horus has fallen, and his armies of the dead are few. Dwarves, Men, and Elves are returning to the ancient land of Eldaris to take back what was their’s long ago. A party of Eldarian people have returned to their ancient home in the Snowy Mountains that guarded Eldaris’ Southern border, and are restoring these mountains to once again be worthy of the songs of old.


Morea at night, in all its glory!

Morea is not our final place to build, it is our first. We have plans to rebuild the entire Eldarin Kingdom of old.


I don’t want to post about the village/town that I live in because officially @Gridnick owns it so I’ll leave the lore of the settlement to him, however I can tell a tale or two about my journey and my noble clan that I derive from:

I derive from the noble clan of “Rakkerr” and since the fell beast; a Fyre Wyrm took my family’s fortune and it’s home I have wandered the land in search of a New Home and places to mine.

I tried to reach my friend:@Gridnick, but it was a perilous journey, especially at night when monsters came to end my quest. However when a magic device known as “Plug-Ins” was introduced to the realm I cast a spell: “/tpa Gridnick” I then was suddenly teleported to my new home I immidiately set to work quarrying sandstone for the houses that were to be built in the new town, however the land of my new home was poor (No offence, @Gridnick ) so I set to work finding a new place to mine, after days of searching, I found a man called “@Elderon” he let me mine at his area “Morea”, I took half of what I had mined and gave the rest to him and his kingdom. I then found more and more work and the town grew I found a client, thorbjorn who was always willing for me to mine in the rich lands that he lived on top off. From here I had a platform from which I was secure,I built a tower ( very Dwarf-like, I know) and lived there for the rest of my days.

Later, I will tell the tale of “The Potatoes Incident”

Jol Amagir



just placeholder till I get more built


Lore: In Aquilla, stories and tales are often told of valiant heroes, ferocious dragons, and sorcerers galore… yet there is one story that is repeated constantly, known to all our people. Listen well, and perhaps you too will learn this tale. Many, many centuries ago, ours was a prosperous land. Owning territory from the Bleak Mountains to the Sands of Kilian, Aquilla become the center of trade in the civilized world, a shining star among all lands. Yet, some looked upon our wealth and joy with envy… Forces of the dark compiled in the north and swiftly came down upon our people, burning and ravaging the land and its people. Although we had an army, increased periods of peace made it lazy and ill-equipped to cope with this new threat. When the king marched out to stop this threat, his inadequate force was crushed, allowing the armies of the dark to move through the land, slowly absorbing cities and villages. As a last ditch attempt to save themselves, the last of our people created a fortress in the mountains: a bastion that seemed impenetrable. The siege lasted months, but finally the horde penetrated the fortress. Just as It seemed they would storm the fortress and destroy our ancestors, a single man pushed back the enemy. Wielding a runed blade that blazed with fire, he clove a path straight through the enemy line, toward their leader. In the greatest duel of the century, this warrior pierced the enemy through his heart. Seeing their leader slain, the hordes of demonic beasts and evil beings fled, only to be hunted and cut down by fiery blade of this great warrior. As he entered the fortress, the warrior was hailed savior, and guardian of Aquilla. To the dismay of the people, he refused to be crowned king. He said he must go, that other lands and people required his aid to be free of the tyranny of darkness. Before he left, however, he told the people to fight the darkness always. They must be a light in this darkened world, vanquishers of evil. If the darkness ever grew too strong, a guardian would rise again, and bring light again to the world.

Pictures: —

I am currently building a fortress in a mountainous region (duh), overlooking a large plain that a village will be built in.
Our main resource at the moment is cattle (horses and cows).


Block Mesa Alchemical Research Facility

A near magical facility discovered in a state of disrepair out in the Scrublands. A group of alchemists realized the scientific importance of the site, and began using it as a base, with the intentions of furthering Magi- Science. Just Science. No that isn’t a Hell-Portal. Its Science.

Pictures will come once the facility is opperational.

Stories: During the excavation process, shortly after the facilities discovery, the alchemists were frequented by a madman. Said madman made several attempts to break into the lab and steal equipment, but near every attempt was stopped with a quick introduction of a sword to a madman’s skull.

The one time this madman gained access to the Facility, he broke two lights, proclaimed victory, and was promptly (and hilariously) beheaded.

Allies: Treaty with Morea

Also, rumors tell of a strange, suspicious man bringing shipment after shipment of coughDrugscough Supplies in to assist Block Mesa. Block Mesa has no further comment on the rumors, aside from “Dude… Woah”.

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The Dwarven Kingdom of Bar’azad

Lore: Bar’azad started out as a small Dwarven outpost in the Northlands, built to warn of any impending dangers, but it was shortly realized that it was aplenty with mineral resources after one of the dwarves; Dundaori stumbled upon great riches as he was carving out his new home, upon seeing this he called to his brethren telling them of his finds. The other dwarves called upon their kinfolk to move to this new mountain home and to build a kingdom for themselves. The first days were hard indeed, as they carved into the mountain. Building its great and mighty entrance hall from the riches they had received from the depths of the mountain. They came into contact with the undead hordes of the frozen north, long and hard the warriors fought to protect the workers who toiled day and night to bring about great beauty to the plain stone of the mountain, months passed and they had more and more dwarves joining them every day to fight for their new home and to keep the hordes at bay, after The Battle of the Sun gate they had all but assured the retreat of the evil necromancers and their mighty hordes of undead free to now build in relative peace. As they grew in numbers it was decided to proclaim a new monarch. The one chosen to lead them through such an arduous time was none other then he who discovered the riches of their new mountain home; Dundaori Graybane, First King of Bar’azad.



Looks amazing with the shaders, Zoljin.

“Llesscarium”-(name wip)

Coming soon

Lore: on a small rise in a curve of a river sits the ruins of a odd structure where what can be called the main building consists three levels attached to this a decrepit tower. The original function of the building can only be guessed at but the inhabitant now is using it as a shelter and base of operations for journeys out into the world.


Lore: Cheokyc (Chee-oh-kike) is the tribal village of the Cheo (Chee-oh) people. Centuries ago the first Cheo people settled in the land of many flowers. Since then the Cheo have crawled up to become a big village. Many times they were knocked down by local warlords, evil monsters, and other tribes. But the Cheo are a tough people who refuse to give up. They have survived while all their adversaries failed the test of time. Cheokyc itself has been rebuilt more times then history could keep track. Each time it grew bigger then the time before, but invariable it is destroyed by the evils surrounding it.

The village is situated on the side of a mountain overlooking a lake. In recent years a lot of the village was built over the lake itself for security. Surrounding the lake is a flower forest. This forest has given the Cheo a deep love for plants. Although they seem to have no respect for trees, as their village is almost entirely made of wood.

(more later)