The Story of the Itcazie

I am going to be writing this in conjunction with the new map game, to kill time between turns. This is because I had extra lore and wanted to expand on it. I hope you enjoy it. :smiley_cat: (P.S. sorry if it doesn’t flow right it’s 3:00 AM and I wrote this in about 2 hours.)


The High Elves were rich, immune to disease, and had little poverty. They lived hundreds or thousands of years kept alive by their powerful magic. It was even powerful enough to be able to bend the laws of nature at will. But this came at a cost. They were hated by everyone. Such as the Dwarves, finding them arrogant and weak. The Humans, who were envious of their wealth and therefor jealous. The Goblins, lacking even the most basic of resources, saw the High Elves tree cities as nothing but a source of wood. While the other elven races thought of them as fools.

But no one would dare attack them. Even when the worlds were at war the High Elves sat fat on their golden thrones. And they need not research medicines, or build stronger weapons, for they had magic at their side, oh so powerful magic. They were proud of this fact, and this, was their downfall.

When the Plague hit it was as sudden as bird chirp, suddenly we were dropping like flies in the rain. We had never experienced anything like this before and I fear it might no be the last. -Alrid, Coroner of District Twenty-Three. 

Within the first night thousands had died. They had no signs of injury, but they did not look healthy. Not at all, they looked as if their own bodies had fouled, leaving them gray and mottled, stinking of decay and a dark magic, almost like death itself.

After the first week 30% of the population was dead or dying, they had all but gone to anarchy when the plague suddenly ceased to exist. As if by some miracle it had stopped, little did they know this was no act of kindness. Some said it was a reminder of where they stand in the universe, that even they, the mightiest of all were, nothing more then ants that could be squashed should they ever bite the wrong leg. Others though, they think it was started by the Humans! Because who else were that jealous of their power and wealth, who else hated them to the point of disgust? They had seemed fully prepared to attack when the plague had finally ceased. little did they know it was only their own paranoia that forced the humans to attack. When the humans did attack, they did not hold back. The cities were looted, the women raped, the men taken as slaves, and the old and feeble slaughtered where they stood. And everything the High Elves had spent centuries to create, was turned to ash within a single year. The High Elves received no aid, no caravans of food, no blessing from the gods, no armies to break the sieges. The world simply turned a blind eye to the horrors being committed to the once “great and powerful” High Elves. After the wars, the goblins came like vultures. They sacked whatever had been left by the humans. The High Elves put up little resistance not even trying to raise an army. They had been driven to the brink, their entire population now driven into a single city, but even it had not escaped the horrors of war.
The plague victims that the plague had left when it had suddenly ceased seemed as fine as before the plagued had started. It was only in the second generation did they notice anything. A third of the children born had stone grey skin much like that of the plague victims when they died, only differing in the fact they were not mottled, grey or white irises, and hair not much unlike their skin. It was then noted that they had a different life span to that of the other High Elves. While Many High elves lived to be hundreds or even thousands of years old this “new breed” had a similar life-span to that of humans living only to their mid 40’s, and in rare cases only as long as 60 years. By this point many other things were noted.

Report Taken From Council Science Division

These “new” elves seem to have a strength of inhuman levels lifting stones many times their own size, one even crushing it on accident, but it is also noted that many of the first generation of these elves are infertile. As bad as this sounds their personalities are very different from us, they seem very ambitious almost… wild. They are always willing to explore, to learn, but seem to be aggressive in these learning’s. Even taking forbidden books when given the opportunity. But that isn’t the worst part. Their “affinity” is much different from ours, their magic putting off a stench… s-similar to that of the plague. Their magic is tainted and weak, even poisoning the land and sometimes sending the animals into fits of rage.
The second generations aren’t much different, but they don’t seem to have the same infertility problem as the first, with offspring usually even healthier then that of our own. Though when “bred” with us Pure Bloods our genes don’t seem to take, even simple thing like height all stem from these new elves.

By this point the High Elves were wary of these mutants. Even banning their use of magic in fear of it causing another plague.
It was about this time the second plague hit. Though it seemed that this time the plague only affected the pure bloods, completely leaving the new breed unharmed.

Paranoia had set in once again, and fearing this new breed, the council banished them to the Itcaz Desert and named them the “Cursed Elves”. Expecting them to die out only to find that their magic grew stronger there. In spite the Cursed Elves embraced it, even naming themselves the Itcazie. And here, is where our story begins.

I’ve got a question why does everyone leave out the yaktaurs sorry about not saying anything about your work i just forgot about it in me little rage anyway i really love like anything else that has a story on the discourse.

I love the story, Will you be adding lore to actions within the game?

Quite Frankly, No one liked minotaurs to begin with. They were Big, smelly and aggressive and the Yaktaurs basically, to the human eye, look like minotaurs with minor differences. So to Humans you are just smellier and hairier minotaurs.

Yes, the actions in the game will affect the lore.

@Gridnick My lore is a branch coming off the story of the Cursed Elves, sorry, but the Minotaurs were just never mentioned in it.

I thought of something, there is a faction of elves with a positivity and nature affinity on your island that live in the forest. Elderon’s elves to be precise. You might possibly be able to tie them in somehow, maybe link them to the high elves you come from.

Ah, the Pure Bloods. I can use this.

Chapter 1, Inside the Journal of Su Hemming

The desert is a wasteland, sadly this is what we need now. We have a little over 80,000 men and women, and though we are next to oasis with fresh water we know it will soon be gone. Though as we have no clear leadership the people took a vote and here are the members of the council.

+Yahundi Greyson, Male of 42 years- One of the First Generation, of the Second Plague, and though he is infertile the people agree he is wise. He is tall and thin, with a long beard, and wrinkles that make him look older then his years.
+Jaylen Mirjam, Female of 22 years- A Second Generation of the Second Plague, she is a great herbalist and doctor, though quite young. She is short and thin, with short hair, and has a friendly aura about her.
+Runi Gavril, Female of 29 years, and +Anaru Gavril, Male of 28 years- Husband and wife, they have fine control over their magic and lead the way in research. Both Fourth Generation of the Second Plague. Scientists that seem a little off. Although they are always hyper they are not the most fit of people.
+Rafael Zlatan, Male of 35 years- A Third Generation of the First Plague. He had trained with the Wood Elves before coming here so his knowledge of hit and run tactics could become quite useful. Buff and hard cut, he is the spitting image of a drill sergeant.

+And myself (Su Hemming), Fourth Generation of the First Plague. Female of 31 years- I had been training to be a diplomat before the banishment was issued and think I could do well on the council.

After taking stock, Jaylen and I agreed that medicine was crucial being that we were not resistant to disease like the other elves, even if plagues are less then dangerous. Rafael decided we needed walls for protection, but Runi and Anaru informed them that we would first need to strengthen our magic first. All the while Yahundi sat back and listened before saying.
"We need to learn how to make fresh drinking water before our magic destroys it all."
The room went silent.
“We have enough people to do all of this.” I say, trying to be as diplomatic as possible.
“We should also begin to think about food, it’s not a problem yet but we can’t just wait until-” starts Yahundi.
“Look, we have more than enough food for a few years and our knowledge of irrigation should help us when we do.” I say cutting him off. “Now we have already agreed on what to do so we should start issuing the orders.”
“I’ll get right on it.” says Rafael in his booming voice.

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Chapter 2, Journal of Rafael Zlatan

I swear the rest of the “council” are as dumb as sand. I had barely taught the recruits how to throw sand spears when they sent off chasing dunes. The reports mentioned they were large, but these things had been the size of houses! Did I mention these dunes were GIANT F*CKING SCORPIONS? We nearly had our entire military killed right there. We have to focus more on our military if we want to be able to protect against these things. On the brighter side we’ve finally set up a reliable food source.

Third Council meeting

The other members look around at the dull room, all expect the Gavril’s, who seem just as as hyper as ever.

“We need something stronger than sand spears.” I say, almost shouting. “Something that can kill without dealing with enemy armor. I mean, have you seen these scorpions? Their shells are half as thick as my-”
“Rafael!” Yahundi stops me.
“What? I was gonna say arm.” I say, finally calmed down.
“That’s not the problem. We had barely even sat down before you started yelling.” Yahundi says annoyed.
“Everyone please, calm down, let’s just-” Su begin’s, trying to take control of the situation.
“We have a solution!” Runi begins excitedly. “We have figured out how to create a cloud of sand to smother people in a fight-” Runi stops and leans next to Anaru.“and later hopefully later lift heavy objects.” says Anaru finishing.
I turn back to the rest of the group. “See, that’s initiative!” I turn back to the Gavril’s. “Great job guys.” I say, giving them both bear hugs. “Alright come with me we have some teaching to do.”
“Wait, what about everything else?” asks Su, standing up arms slightly open.
“That, you can do yourself.” I say leaving the tent. As I leave I hear something about taint resistant trees.

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Chapter 3, Journal of Jaylen Mirjam

“So this ‘new magic sand cloud’ you made was a… Sand fart?” I ask, slightly disgusted.
“Yes, well, no actually.” Begins Runi.
“You don’t wanna know how we discovered it.” Continues Anaru.
“But it’s basically a tainted sand cloud that we can control.” Says Runi finishing.
“Well it killed all my trees!” I shout, getting angry.
“Not all of them!” Says Runi, slightly offended.
“And the ones that did survive are immune to the taint. That means we have a stable source of wood!” Anaru finishes, getting excited.
“Well I need a new forestry if they are gonna be of any use.” I say annoyed.
“I think you meant ‘going to’.” Su says walking up.
Oh great. This b*tch.
“But I do agree you need a new forestry, you can have it a bit farther out in the desert.” Su says with a wave of her hand.
Knowing by now that auguring is useless I reply with a simple “Great, more walking.” Before leaving.
I’m not even out of earshot before they start talking about sand blasting rock or something.

@Xavion please look here for positioning. The forestry should be farther out to be larger.


@naturalnuke with my new magic i can make your trees grow in a few minutes and if the trees are a bit away from your citys the fact that i bost nature wont mater to much.

love theese stories all the way i just love it when stonehearth discoursians write fiction on here

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Has this stopped and if it hasn’t sorry for the impatience

no just had a school project give me 30min.

Aaaah understandable that’s a valid point To miss this out on

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Chapter 3, Journal of Yahundi Greyson

Well this is just perfect. We’re behind on the Temple of Modjeska, the entire population are copies of Rafael, and Su just doesn’t understand the depth of my knowledge. Jaylen’s nice though, always having the time to help me.

Fifth Council meeting

“Alright, so this is what we are doing…” Begins Su dully.
How long has she been talking?
"…Operation Beachfront…“
That again? Are we still doing that?
”…research into the dark arts…"
“Can it be used in the OB?” asks Rafael.
Wait, what?
“Finally!” squeals Runi.
Her squeal nearly knocks me out of my chair, and I fumble for my composure.
"…and of course continuing the construction of the temple." Su says without pausing.
Really? I thought she had forgotten.
“Anything you would like to add Yahundi?” asks Su.
The question captures me completely off guard.
“Uh… yes cough, we-” I begin.
“Alright looks like we are done here.” Su says before walking out of the council house.
I stare dumbly at the door as Jaylen turns to me.
“Have to be a bit quicker if you want to join ‘her world’.” she says before getting up and leaving.
“This is gonna be a long year…” I mumble quietly to myself.


A 23 year old Rafael sits on the window sill overlooking an abandoned town similar to those after the Second Plague. He’s holding a worn and weathered doll, and behind him sits the skeleton of a women, cuddled up to her is another skeleton of a small girl.

Rafael mumbels something in his sleep
"Anna… Rue…"

This photo seemed appropriate for Rafael, I did not make this and all credit should go to Shabazik on deviantART, the story attached to the original photo was my inspiration for the Cursed Elves.


Chapter 4, Journal of Runi Gavril

Runi is bent over the table, head on her hands, staring at a candle. It doesn’t flicker, the wax doesn’t drip, but she swears she used to feel heat off it. She passes her finger slowly over it unconsciously.
“96 days, 6 hours, 13 minutes.” Runi quietly mumbles to no one in particular.
“Hmm? Since when?” Her husband Anaru asks, continuing to fiddle with the contraption on the table.
“Since the world stopped…” Runi says quietly, sounding deflated. Passing her finger over it again. No one had realized it at first. Sand fell, people bled, the sun rose and set. Then they noticed it. The water pumps stopped working, the wind stopped blowing, the plants, never bloomed or ripened. Nobody seemed to panic though. It even seemed really exciting. Runi smiles remembering it. Everyone seemed so eager to figure out the cause, Runi couldn’t go out though, Runi had her own jobs to do. Besides, no one liked working around Runi. They said Runi was too weird, they said that Runi should stop talking in the third-person. Anaru loved her though, and Runi loved him back, but he would always seem so absorbed by his silly contraptions. “Aaand… aw.” Anaru suddenly says as his little contraption fails for the fiftieth time.
Lifting her head up a little at the sound, Runi numbly chimes in, passing her finger over the flame once more. “Honey, we already know motion doesn’t carry right now, so why are you still trying that?” It’s not like we have much time left anyway…

Before the world stopped these sorts of morbid thoughts would have startled her, but they had been growing frighteningly more common as the days dragged on. Picking up her dagger she pushes away from the table to begin her walks once again. Since the crisis they had been growing longer causing her to walk from dusk to day. It helped ease her mind though. At the end of the walk she would be so tired she could almost forget about all the problems the nation had. That’s what Runi told herself anyway, that’s what she told Anaru. As Runi stepped into the dusk light she mumbled another goodbye into the tent, and even though the goodbye sounded deflated Runi could feel the tension building once again. She followed a path she was now familiar with, leading her from the science district into the poorer side of the military district. She may have been the co-representative of the science district, she may have been the lead scientist in most of the projects undertaken, but like all citizens she had undergone the same extensive military training as everyone else. Unlike most people though she had relished the life and death duels fought over rank during her time in the military. In truth the point of these “walks” was to try and relive the thrill she had felt during the duels. Lucky for her the crisis, had caused there to be many more willing participants looking to escape the endless cycle. Contacted through the message district message board they would meet up with her for a duel to first blood. Little did the next participant know today was different. This wasn’t a harmless spar, the next one was to the death. That was when he appeared, the man cloaked in rags the color of the sand wielding a saber and sheath. Dwarfing Runi by nearly a foot, he stood at ten paces. Runi drew her dagger, smiling in anticipation, Runi has only one thought going through her mind. This is gonna be is much fun!

Back at the tent, a small contraption begins to spin.

“So… why is everyone…” Runi begins as she notices that the rest of the council is sat opposite of her.
“Runi… you killed-” Su begins.
“And ate-” Rafael cuts in.
“I didn’t eat anybody!” Runi cuts him off.
“So you did kill him?” Yahundi looks at her questioningly.
“M-maybe… but there was a lot going on! It’s not like I meant to kill him!” Liar liar Runi can’t help but to think it as she states her innocence.
“What were you doing out sparring anyway? You’re on the council as representative of the science district. I mean I could see Rafael doing it-” Su is cut off in the middle of her bullet like speech.
“It was one time!” Rafael cuts in almost angry. Su continuing as if uninterrupted.
"-but you Runi? Also how do you explain the half eaten body!"
“I already proved it wasn’t from any elf, the bite marks were WAY to large!” Jaylen says trying to defend her.
By this point it’s devolved into a shouting match.
“Welcome back everyone…” Runi says this quietly knowing full well no one will remember this in a week.