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Memoria autem Dracones praecedentes - Memory of the Dragons

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Chapter 1

Long before the Ascendancy, during the time of the Dwarfs and Rabbit Kingdoms, there was one particular kingdom of men, led by a Noble family with the name of Dragons. The Dragon, Alexander, king of Artoria had become addicted to Gold, Silver and Gems. He went and attacked the great Orc territory of the Orc tyrant Rangnax the Wealth to take his riches.

What followed was a deadly war which led to the destruction of the Line of Dragons and Artoria and the disintegration of the Orc Clan. By time, the stories of the Dragon’s war turned to legend and legend to myth until it was remembered only by some old and frail folk.

There was one young and strong lad, in the tavern on evening with his 5 friends. It was around 11 pm when they were going to head home, when a very ancient man went up to them, and pointed at this young man and said: “You, my boy, are the hair of the Dragon, the latest of the line of them, you…”

Everyone around started laughing at him, and then teasing him, yet he continued: “Come to the old stables tomorrow at noon, and I will tell you your story. I am one of the last Elders of Artoria, I knew you great great great… . Your grandfather, six generations ago, the son of the Greedy One.”

End Chapter 1 of Prologue


Chapter 2 of the Prologue

“There you are, my boy.”, said the old man. “I thought you weren’t coming, thought me some senile old lunatic”. At that, he burst out laughing. “You got your friends along too have you, my boy? Come, sit around the the cloth I prepared here, eat some bread”. Then, he started staring blankly into the air.

After several awkward seconds he broke the silence, “You know what that ring is you have there? Your mother gave it to you, didn’t she? When you came of age, yes?”. No one replied. Then, he quickly started, “Oh, where are my manners, I am but the servant here”. He burst out laughing again.“I know heard your name being said yesterday, Arkturusk, isn’t it? and what are your names then?”.

Arkturusk decided to introduce his friends to the old man, “This is Denethor and this is Lukas. Paul and Phiona, and this is Alexandra”. Arkturusk then waited for them to say ‘hi’ before continuing, “And what is your name?”

The old man took several moments before replying as if recalling a distant memory. “Your ancestor asked my that very same question when I bumped into him a hundred and twelve years ago this day. I am Fredrick and you, Arkturusk, are the hair to Artoria… or what’s left of it.”

Denethor and Lukas look at each other, keeping back a laugh, while Phiona, never mincing her words blurted out saying, “are you drunk or are you just an old story teller?”. Fredrick quickly replied, “Ha, you are like your grandmother. Let me tell you something, Phiona. See the patterns on your ring and Arkturusk’s ring, how they are exactly the same? You two are siblings, separated at birth to keep you safe. Those rings are rings of nobility, not some random lucky charms. They are proof of your heritage.” He stopped for a moment to drink some water before resuming, “You two are the 7th generation after the Greedy One, you’ve heard the story I’m sure, but there is more to it. The blood line was not broken, the line still exists and it is in you. You must search your feelings, ask your parents, both are foster parents mind you, your real parents were killed by the Baron, Al Khan, as he feared what they stood for and represented.”

Everyone was stunned, staring mouth wide open. Fredrick wasn’t speaking nonsense, and any such idea would be dashed soon as he continued, “In that hay stack there, you will find a box, within which you will find an address to an abandoned house. There you will go to the basement. Take hammer with you to remove the wooden shutter in the way, and then you will find the proof you seek. Once you understand, you must burn the proof, and come back, then the seven of us must begin our journey to restore the Kingdom of Artoria and revive the Line of Dragons. NOW HURRY AND GO”, finished the old man.

That night, the band of friends, met at the address, and sure enough, found an old house. The house was dilapidated, roof collapsed in, walls crumbling, but they did indeed find the basement and broke into it. It was very dark and musty there, and they found several spiders, roaches and even a rat hiding away. Part of the basement floor had collapsed relieving the sewers of the sprawling city above. The basement was empty bar one collapsed pile of wood, from which one could deduce was a book case. They indeed found a book and near it, some tinder and flint. The books was a mere 35 pages long, the size of the modern day A8 paper. Within these pages they found a story, and the proof Fredrick promised.

If you have found this book, it means that Fredrick has deemed you old enough, or mature enough for this knowledge. Yes, as he has said, you are the hairs to this entire kingdom, but don’t presume anyone will want to share land, let alone power with some upstarts like you. Be wary that what you are about to read is known to no one alive, save he who sent you here who put this book here in the first place. When you were born, you were born in secret and immediately spirited off to your foster parent. They were not good or comfortable choices, it was hard to put you with farmers and poor folk, instead of keeping you in the mansion. Mind you, the Baron won’t likely wait much longer before finishing us and the last trace of the Line of Dragons. It is dangerous for his rule, you see. There are still some loyal to our House, the House of Dragons. You will have to seek them out, but they are more likely to seek you out, if they see the sign of the return of the Dragons. I trust you found your sister. You, Arkturusk Dragon and Phiona Dragon are the hairs to all the lands of what today is know as the middle realm. You must restore yourselves to what you rightfully should be.

Then, there was some more writing in a but it was all but illegible save for one final sentence.

Memoria autem Dracones praecedentes

Then, they burnt the book as they were told, and the next morning went to the stables where they found Fredrick again.
When he saw them, he stood and bowed at the Dragons and said, “I pledge my services to you my Lord and Lady”. Then suddenly there was a crash and an flaming arrow flew in but luckily missed everyone. Armed soldiers stood some distance, evidently to prevent their escape.

“The Baron in all his wisdom has caught wind of the return of the Dragons. You are nothing but thieves and bandits and will be tried at court. Do not expect mercy if you resist.”, said one of the soldiers.

Fredrick, that old man was not the weak person he seemed to be however. He stood up and with his walking staff, dropped each and every soldier to his knees. “Come my lords and friends, come, we must flee, hurry, before the place collapses on our heads.”

Fredrick led us away and we ran, all the way out of the city, soldiers running behind us, until we lost them in one of the many winding side roads. Then, he led us out of the city and into the fields, were we continued running to an old farm house.

“Denethor, Lukas, Paul, Alexandra, go into the shed and get what you find there and put it in these back packs. My Lords, if you will, come to the roof with me.”

No one said a word but obeyed him silently. Something about him, maybe his age portrayed him to be filled with wisdom and we reasoned that he brought us this far and was truthful, we owe him at least this bit of respect.

On the roof, he pointed out towards the desert, and said, “There, my lords you must go. I wont oblige your friends to come. They are nobodies to the Baron, and wont bother at all with them but you, who knows you and will surely get you in his lands. Out there, it’s nobodies land… no… It is your land.”

“We’re coming too.” Said Denethor, Lukas, Paul and Alexandra in unison, “we’d love another adventure, more so nearby royalty and anyway, there’s nothing to do in that old dump anyway.”

“Then it is settled.” Said Fredrick, “You my Dragons are Lord and Lady, and you are their Viscounts, masters of your trades and their, evidently most loyal subjects… no… friends not subjects, those will come later, and I will be the first subject. I was adviser, herbalist and cleric, as I was to your ancestors. Come, let us make a roster of what we have and get on our way!”

End of Chapter two of two of the Prologue


Chapter 3

As the seven observed what little resources they have, they weren’t very optimistic of their chances for success. They had a Trapper’s knife, a wooden training sword, a herbalist’s staff, some gold and enough food for a couple of days. None of them, however, had any doubts of what they were about to do and so, they tracked out into the desert.

They continued tracking around mountains, up and down hills and through dunes. They tracked till they came to a suitably secluded flat part of large mountain. “Here, this place will do perfectly, there are enough bushes and animals here to supply us with food, water from the dew of the cactus and there are, I sense, veins of usable metals in the cliffs - this is where Artoria has the best chance to rise again!”, said Fredrick.

And so, on the dawn of this new day, New Artoria, was declared by Fredrick, in a small ceremony he held, as if thouands were watching, instead of the presence of just 4 others, other than the Dragons.

Now, each character was indeed as Fredrick said, capable of different skills and possessed different traits.
Phiona Dragon was an average student at school, but was a skilled fencer. She however, kept everyone bar her brother at arms length. She did this as she feared that giving false hopes or creating bonds with others, might be bad should something happen.
Alexandra Yoya, was a very religious person. She believed in an old deity called Drako. She wasn’t overly bright and as strong as an average person. Alexandra however had one defect. Not only was she a pessimist, but constantly said that they would surely fail… if they don’t work harder.
Lukas Menter was quite a dull soul. He was more a walking encyclopedia than anything else, possessing normal physical abilities, but then had a rarely seen fiery temper, going head long into the fray to save his friends, even if, he was a poor fighter.
Paul Paulson on the other hand was a well build and cunning person. He had a very green thumb and refused to eat anything but his produce. He was the son of a farmer, and it showed how he instantly started saying that they could grow this and that easily if they do everything in that particular way. However, Paul was quite a coward, when it came to certain things like fighting but still would lend a hand, if someone has his back.
Denethor, like Alexandra was also very religious, believing in this Drako. He was a priest of the cult and very learned and courageous. “The only thing worth fearing”, he would say, “was fear itself”. He used to train too, yet it didn’t show in his strength and physique.
Arkturusk Dragon then was a learned footman’s apprentice. He was well built person fearing nothing. He was very learned, having had a retired scholar his mentor for five years. He was very inspiring and hearthy, yet refused to eat the produce of Paul, and prefering a good piece of jerky or a rabbit stew instead, even if the latter consisted of some veggies, yet it still had a lot of meat.
Finally, we have the wise Fredrick. Albeit, his mind was frail, he was wise when it came to things he persistently said would come in handy, like how to position towers, when to scout out and attack and some such - He also know fully the arts of carpentry and also claimed to have skill in metal work and needle work. He was once a very strong warrior, they had decided, as he still, even at the age of over a hundred and twenty, a well build body and possessed a hearty spirit.

“We are a new beginning to the return of glory”, said Fredrick, as they started to eat dinner. Then Arkturusk rose and gave a toast, “To a glorious beginning”, and everyone cheered with him.

End of chapter 3


Chapter 4

“Ok, Arkturusk, Phiona”, Said Fredrick. “You know the plan we need to do. You need to give an inspiring speech to your followers, and give them instructions. Take your place as Lord and Lady.”
“Yes”, replied the Dragons.
Then, they stood up, and walked over to the camp fire, near which they were resting. They called their friend’s attention, and then, began.
“Hail, my loyal friends”, Said Arkturusk.
“Before anything gets going, we need to have an objective, and that is to build a kingdom”, said Phiona.
“Now, we will all have tasks to do”, said Arkturusk.
“Before anyone will want to come here we must organised ourselves”, said Phiona

They continued then by giving the plan out of who is to do what, who is to build what, who is to make what, who is to grow what.

Then they Arkturusk concluded, “Now, friend, let us rest and tomorrow at dawn, we will start to work.”
Arkturusk paused, then, somehow, in unison, both Arkturusk and Phiona yelled together;

“Tomorrow will be a the dawn of a new glorious kingdom”.

And then their audience erupted into applause, then they sat together on the logs and continued eating, before falling asleep under the stars.

The next day, Arkturusk and Phiona asked Fredrick why they could sense what to say, what the other was going to say and how to say it. Fredrick laughed.

“That’s proof that you’re siblings, that is. Only the siblings of the line of Dragons can do that. It is a telapathic link that will slowly evolve, till you can talk to each other, and even move objects, even mountains maybe, like the first of the line of Dragons, the Dragon Slayer, they call him. No one remembers of course…”,

He trailed off, and stared at the sunrise as the others woke up.

“You have work to do, and little time to do it. We will have company soon.”, Said Fredrick. “The Baron will send Goblins after us. Kal Kuma the Deaf will be their chief. He is a gullible mercenary with a band of insignificant and stupid followers. They can be made to help us too. But no, we must prepare the land and then build up the first part of the Castle.”

“How are we going to do that in a few days,” Said Phiona.

“You will find, that you are stronger than you think, and that time, can be made to flow better”, said Fredrick.

End Chapter 4


Chapter 5

They started their day, replanting as many fruit baring plants into better places closer to hand. They found a wealth of fauna from which they could sustain themselves, and a wealth of flora from which to get berries. Although it was a desert, this gap between mountains, supplied a seemingly infinite supply of dew, which fills up the well, probably having been there since time immemorial.

Within a small amount of time, 10 degrees of the sun’s movement according to Denethor, less than an hour, he said. Then, they began to smooth out the land, and according to the advice of Fredrick, they dug out a large pit. Fredrick said that from this, they would be able to harvest clay and mud for bricks.

By noon, They had completed these tasks, and they stopped to eat some berries. As they finished their meal, Fredrick asked to have a private word with the Dragons.

“Phiona, Arkturusk, do you know how the work was finished so fast?”
“No”, they answered in unison.
“Well, it seems your latent abilities are more developed than I thought. Your powers already exceed those of a good few of your forefathers. Your powers gave strength to your followers, even, dare I say, weakened the bonds of the ground for us to mine easier.”
The Dragons stared at Fredrick, seemingly oblivious to his words, as he rambled on on how their powers worked.
You can hear me sister, can’t you?
Yes, can you hear me brother?
Yes, I can. Our powers are stronger than he thinks it seems?
Lets not get carried away, and lets not tell anyone Arkturusk.
Yes, such a private conduit must remain between us.

“Now,we’d better continue working,” said Fredrick. “There is also another thing I want to talk to you about…” He trailed off.
“What is it?,” replied Arkturusk glaring at Phiona.
“There are some things I want to teach, but now is not the time and your forefathers can wait, lets get to work.”
What do you think he meant by ‘teach’ and that our ‘forefathers can wait’?
I do not know Phiona. I do not know.

“Chu, gu tel big Kuma, humies er 'ere, Tel 'emm big boss’ll 'eed mur shinies!”

End of Chapter 5


Chapter 6

It had been around 10 days, since the creation of the hamlet of New Artoria. A few huts were built, a stone watchtower on the mountain peek. One of them, in turns, always stayed guard at the tower in case of rabid wolves, elementals or goblin raiders.

It happened that the other six inhabitants were having lunch, when Denethor spotted a solitary form on foot coming in the distance.

It was Denethor who spotted him, not Lukas, who was a the tower. He should have spotted it before. He must have fallen asleep then…

Then, a dozen arrows flew around them from the opposite direction. Denethor was hit by two of them, instantly being felled by these row.

“Goblins”, said Fredrick.
“Take cover!”, yelled Arkturusk.

He noticed that Alexandra had also been felled and that Goblins where climbing up.

Phiona, we must flee, where are you?
I am hiding behind the boulder behind you, where can we go, the only way out is blocked by these monsters!
No, there is another way, follow me, we head to the rear, towards that man Denethor saw

It was then that one of the Lukas fell from the tower, still fighting and struggling against two goblins, while Fredrick fought off seven other.

Orcs then came up and started throwing rocks at the two fighters, one of which felled Lukas.

It was than that a giant skeletal creature, undoubtable summoned by a necromancer, appeared, climbing up the cliff side.

“FLY YOU FOOLS”, Shouted Fredrick, as he was being overwhelmed and overrun by goblins and orcs.

Arkturusk took the opportunity of a lull in the battle and grabbed hold, as tight as physically possible, of Phiona’s hands and ran as fast as possible away towards… what?

Where are we going?
Can you feel it? it’s like a tiny light in the darkness, can’t you sense it?
Yes, yes I can brother, we are running towards it.

The two Dragons ran as far as possible, but in the process they got lost. They wondered in the Dunes, lost and thirsty, exhausted. They knew it was around mid-day. The sun was scorching hot, the winds laden with sand, suffocating both of them and by the next hour, first Phiona, than Arkturusk as he tried to drag her forwards, fell and embraced a cool, strangely dark sleep

End Chapter 6

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Chapter 7

It was a very cold and harsh rest. All senses seemed to die. A burning of sorts of the hopes and dreams of youngsters, led by a disillusioned old fool, perhaps, or perhaps not.

The cold of night and the heat of day, melded into one. Then, a noise and shuffle - all went dark.

Yet, this world was not ready to part with these people, or else, was not ready to submit to faith. No. It was borne of the fruits of a futile labor, a wasted effort. An effort, that bought the attention of goblins. But all those goblins, orcs and that giant, no chieftain ever possessed all those forces, not even in the most horrible myths.

There was, the idea or, thought… lifting… was it the soul, departing the body? but then, shouldn’t the mind, stop working?

The mind is working… My mind, is working…


There where then voices… What where these? Angles, sprites or elves?

A darkness then further descended consuming all.

“Urgh”, Said Arkturusk.

“He’s awake, the Prince is awake, alert the Princess, tell her his highness the Prince is awake”, said a voice.

“Wha’, What is argh!”, Arkturusk said as he tried to get up, “Were am I?”

“My liege, one of our explorers found you laying like dead on the desert sands. He was going to bury you when he first saw you, yet then when he noticed you were alive, he dumped all his equipment and buried it deep under the sand, and took you on his mount back here. Rest assured that this place is far beyond the reach of the Baron, yet maybe eventually his goblins will arrive. I am the local herbalist, sire, we know all about you. The Steward will fill you in. Her highness the Princess awoke only hours before and is having breakfast in the Keep”, he paused, giving some time for all this to sink in. “Sire, I will bring you some fresh veggies and a glass of ice water”, and so, he left Arkturusk alone.

Brother, am coming right now!
What is going on?
These people know, somehow of our story and who we really are, we are their monarchs, said their steward
Yes, brother, we have a proper kingdom now

End Chapter 7

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Chapter 8

The town’s leaders took the Dragons to a dining hall to share a meal and discuss with them what they are doing, who they are and why they are there.

They discussed a great many things during their meal. They discussed their tenuous relationship with the Goblins here, and the Orc hoards. They discussed the impending invasion by un-dead and skeletal creatures, as summoned by a necromancer from the North Lands.

After each member of the town’s leadership had given their report, they awaited orders from the dragons.

I think that they are awaiting our commands Arkturusk.
Yes, I know Phiona but what am I to tell them? Just two days ago, we were… with our friends…
Yes. You were but now we’re rulers of this town brother. They have told us what they know and what they think. We now must act accordingly. For now appear pensive and think of something reassuring to say and that you will take all necessary actions
Sure, Phiona but I have no idea of what I am to say, let alone do
Yeah well just lie then!

Arkturusk did as he was told. Yet he could not stop thinking about the very evocative words of the Swords Master, and how the Baron’s soldiers slaughtered an entire company of knights to try to prevent their rescuing of the Dragons.

Five days later, while Arkturusk and Phiona were sleeping, each had a vision. This vision was of gleaming towers and walls, a rich populace and affluence. Everyone was happy, and soldiers in shining silver plate were escorting a cart to the square. On this cart, there were two cages. In one, there was a crying old and defeated man, and in the other a big and masculine goblin. Then, the vision shifted beyond the gallows at the square to a beautiful and majestic fortress citadel at the top of a mountain. Then, they saw each other, having a meal with around 4 others around a large map like table.

The next day, each woke up fresh and with a direct plan of what to do. They called a meeting of the General Staff, as Arkturusk called it, quite impressing Phiona, and summoned all the workers and builders.

“Ok, we are going to have our work cut out for us, these coming days. We are going to build up this petty village to a mighty fortress, worthy of having a new dynasty of Dragons rule it.” Said Arkturusk convincingly.

“We are going to build up an additional section of this town to the east towards the mine.”, Said Phiona knowingly, "We will wall it off and secure our source of water.

“About that”, Said the foreman, “The goblins have cut the water supply because we missed our delivery of gold yesterday.”

“What?!” exclaimed Arkturusk, “So be it, wall of the fountain, and poison the lake.”

This last remark was greeted by awe from everyone, including Phiona who had not agreed to this part of the plan. She did not like it when he took the initiative instead of her.

“Yes, make sure that they won’t see us while we do it. In the meantime, the chief architect will instruct you workers on these plans I have here, I expect a quick and solid job. Anyone tries to mess up the thing and they will be exiled”

And so, they began construction, while three soldiers went to poison the lake. The goblins expected someone to come check out why the water stopped flowing but where shock when they saw what the humans did.

“Oi, whaz dat 'ere? OI STOP NOO”, Yelled the chief scout.

The Goblins ran at them and soon a skirmish had started. A fight from which no goblin would emerge alive, and where one man would be hurt badly. He was then taken by one of his comrade back to town.

Meanwhile, under the instruction of Arkturusk, the Castle inside the town had been completed, and the flags mounted. From within, the storage chests were stocked and training facilities finished. The castle loomed over the rest of the town, higher than any other building yet built.

Then the workers and every able bodied man were commanded by Arkturusk to commence the construction of the new area, first by building the walls and a three story tower.

Brother, what has gotten into you? why are you doing this?
I have had visions of a mighty place and where We sat on thrones made of Diamond and Gold I -
No Arturusk, you will stop this. You cannot treat these people like th-
Who is the ruler here? Us or them? we must be cruel if we are to stand any chance of survival. You saw the giants in the distance like everyone else Phiona. We must prepare quickly.

Yes Brother, as you wish

Phiona was taken aback, and felt subdued at this change in attitude of Arkturusk. He was changing like some monster had taken over. Yet lo and behold, within the week, his projects were bearing fruit, and no one complained… openly at least.

The tower he ordered had been finished at the dead of night, and the last worker was taking rubble out. It was not yet furnished, so it looked like a massive place ominously guarding the mines. However, in another stroke of wonder, Arkturusk declared the next day as a holiday, for a “job well done” according to Arkturusk, and any notion of discontent was dashed as everyone cheered and ate lunch in the plaza the next day.

Meanwhile, outside the growing town, Malgus the Necromancer watched with envy from his Cemeteries of Delight, waiting patiently for the time to strike and snuff out these upstarts, unknowing of who they really are.

End of Chapter 8

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Arkturusk, we have to talk.
Not now, Phiona

Arkturusk hated how his sister yelled at him. This act always resulted in his heeling. He resented the fact that he would bow down to his sister’s wishs… almost every time. Why? Why could he not reign… no… rule over his subjects.
In the days that followed his only assertive victory over his sister, he had built up much more of the Castle.

This castle was a fixation of his. He persisted that he needed to expand his empire and yet, cunning as always, consistently rewarded his workers for ever milestone, hence keeping them at heel.

“This”, he would often say, “will be the rock upon which one day, hoards of filth and scum will come like a tidal wave and be broken upon it”.

Arkturusk had also become fixated on protecting his reign. He was becoming increasingly concerned about the ever increasing amounts of goblins, orcs and trolls, as well as hoards of un-dead in the distance. The Lord of Dragons, as he demanded to be called, also started sending scouts out to assess the risk to his city.

The reports he started receiving worried the young Lord. As a result, he ordered the smiths to make suits of iron armor of the Mercury pattern, and the carpenter to craft fine bows. He also recruited a Blessed.

Blessed are people who can invoke the life force that surrounds each and every living creature, to enhance the regenerative qualities of the life forms.

Arkturusk. Why have you change so? what has happened to you?
Do not cont–…

It was that power of hers again. He somehow would end up always obeying her, always complying. Perhaps, in time, a dual rule would be the only option.

I have been having visions in my sleep. You would have told me if you would be seeing the same things, but they are enough to change people. It has changed me. I have not slept well since we arrived. I have not eaten much either.
Arkturusk, why did you not tell me this before, I could have helped.
Phiona. My dearest Phiona. My dream is already coming true… There is nothing that can be done now from your end. It is I who can get us through, I who will be made today. Come up to the tower, hurry and you will see.

Phiona ran quickly up the tower to were her brother was. When she arrived, she simply saw him point outwards towards the distance, then turning 90, 180, 270, 360 degrees and then falling to his knees.


“Arkturuk, are you out of you mind? we cannot fight all those.”
“Yeah? Just watch me”

With that Arkturusk ran down, yelling frantically and sounding the alarm as he went. Arkturusk mobilized everyone, all workers dropped their tools and headed to the armory, all soldiers rallied at the square.

End Chapter 9