STOWY! With a w instead of an r

I like to write. So, as my first real thread (not really) I’m going to post a story. Maybe a paragraph every other day or something? Yeah. Anyway, Characters here:
Mer is the young captain of the villages small 7 person army.
Brom is a friendly blacksmith
Sean is a kinda annoying but good lumberjack.
Nol is a young miner, and good friends with Mer.
Wyon is an oldish mage.
Florivet is a female troublesome adventurer who likes playing tricks, and has a crush on Mer.
Jen is a young herbal healer, and something may or may not be going on between Mer and her. :wink:
Hope you like the story!

come on then chop chop, get writing… :stuck_out_tongue:

Yay! More fanfics, can’t wait to see what you’ve cooked up. :smile:

(Note: Mer Burlyhands is quite the celebrity, eh?)

“Clang!!!” The sword was finally finished. After the zombie horde’s most recent attack, Mer’s iron sword had been destroyed. Brom had been making him another. Wyon had given it an enchantment, on Mer’s request: The sword was lit on fire every time Mer commanded it too. Mer took it home on the day it was done, and practiced a little bit in the training ground. There he met up with Nol. “Hey, man! The sword’s finished!”. “Dude!” Nol responded with a nod, before telling Mer, “I made it out of the best material I could find. A combo of Bronze and Iron.” Mer looked at his sword, realizing what the streak of brown he had been wondering about earlier was. Mer nodded back and said, “Watch this.” “FLAME!” Mer exclaimed, before setting a leather training dummy on fire. Nol jumped back. “Woah. Did Wyon set that up for you?” “Yup. Pretty cool right?” “Yeah, but make sure that --” Nol was interrupted by Sean. “It’s time for dinner, guys. Gotta come, or Wyon will get mad.” The three of them went silently, due to Sean’s presence. They get to dinner, eat, and Mer goes back home and straight to bed. He doesn’t find his sword that morning.

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indeed! :+1:

you’re off to a good start @EvanX3oooo… one minor suggestion would be to utilize some paragraphs to break up the flow of the content/conversation…

let’s hear more!

Nicely done leaves us on a cliff hanger shot took it? when was it taken? etc.) :smile:

*who took it? sorry about that

“Where the $#!+?!?!” Mer had shouted so loud that Wyon heard and shushed him the morning after his sword was done. His sword was gone. But… who had taken it? He got up and left. That morning, at breakfast, Mer and Nol had looked for everybody in the village. But everyone was there except for Sean and Florivet. Though it was normal for Sean to be gone in the morning and come back for lunch, it was not for Florivet. ‘He must have taken the sword.’, thought Mer. Mer found Florivet in Brom’s blacksmith shop when he walked in. Florivet needed a new dagger, as far as Mer could tell. “Where…” Mer asked, panting after running to Brom’s shop since Florivet had been seen there, “Is my sword, Florivet!” Florivet just smirked and responded, “How would I know, oh–” “Your sword? Is it gone!” Brom interrupted him. “Yes, and Florivet and Sean were the only ones gone at breakfast this morning.” Brom turned his glare to Florivet, who didn’t flinch and instead grinned back. Mer suddenly left the room, leaving Brom and Florivet to argue. That’s when he saw. The forest was on fire.

“No way… No way no way!” Mer shouted. The blaze of the forest was so bright he could barely see the rising moon behind it. “WYON!!! We need you right now!” Mer shouted as he passed Wyon’s alchemy laboratory. “Ok, Mer, what’s the… The… THE FOREST IS ON FIRE!” Wyon ended up shouting as people all around him turned to face the blaze. “Holy radiential gods…” Nol said, appearing next to Mer. We have to get there… Now. was Mer’s only thought before running into the fiery woods, faint cries of wait, and stop, behind him. This was the feeling that he got when he fought. He was made of Adrenaline.

Now that he was already there, Mer didn’t actually know what to do. He had a hunch why the fire was there, but couldn’t be sure. He ran around the forest, and eventually heard a cry. “Help! He-help… me… please…”. It was Sean. “Sean!!!” Sean rolled over in Mer’s direction, showing the dirty-looking burns on his arm. He was in the middle of a ring of forest fire, trees burning to charcoal all around him. “Sean! I’ll get you out of there! I promise!” Mer shouted to him. He jumped and dodged around flaming wood, and made it inside the singed grass Sean was lying in. “Mer… but…” he tried to say something else, but he passed out before he could. That took Mer back to reality. That, and the girl named Jen shouting at him, “Get out of there, Mer! Please!” Jen was following the same path Mer had been. “Jen! Hold Sean! Get him to your medic bed!” Mer shouted back at he ran towards her, full speed, adrenaline still coursing through him in his blood. “Lets get out of here.” Jen said. It was almost a whisper, barely audible. but Mer heard it. He just nods back, before breaking into a sprint faster than a lion. Then a flaming tree falls in his path. He stops immediately, and looks back at Jen. “Jen! Let’s go the other way! I saw a small cave near the fire!” Jen hesitates before nodding, and running back to the cave Mer had spotted earlier. They huddled together in the cave, all trying to get under the dripping water to heal their burns. They were so busy, they didn’t even notice a small grinding sound, and then an iron gate falling down and blocking the entrance of the cave. Trapping them.

Who made the trap and what was that trap actually used to catch?

You’ll find out. Don’t worry.

yaaaaaayyyyyy!!! thx

“What was that?!” Mer shouted, his voice echoing. Jen noticed something. “Mer… Your voice echoed.” “Well yeah, were in a…” The realization hit him. “A huge cave.”
"Not quite, young one. Come. We’ve been expecting you for a long time. Mer whirled around, but saw nobody but Sean and Jen. “Who are you?! Show yourself! I have a sword!” Picking up the sword from next to Sean, “And I know how to --”
"If you are so confident in yourself, come in then. Just jump."
A small hole big enough for one person opened up beneath him. The floor wasn’t visible.
Mer grabbed his sword. "Wait, Mer, you can’t just… Go! Just leave me here! B… But…"
Mer sighed and started to tell her not to… And then he saw her eyes. Her bright, beautiful shining, pleading eyes. He couldn’t resist.
“What about Sean then? We’ll have to bring him as well.”
“But we --”
Mer just looked grimly into Jen’s eyes, said, "Come on. Let’s go."
And jumped.