Legend of the Blocked World

So i made this because i wanted to see if i could make the 1st two weeks of cycle one plus just for the fun of making a story which stone hearth is the main world.
WARNING these 1st two posts just describe how a guy came by this block world and later will describe how more legends that will fit into both week 3 cycle 1 and the upcoming cycles.

I was lucking to be ask by a time-traveling guardian to hold this book and make sure the world was going to know about this legend of the future, I guess. this is 1st the story of a young man who found this block world.
I was walking in the park one day and and this old man was telling a story to the little kids and me wanting to hear this tale went and listened.and here’s how he started.

This tale, you who have eyes, is not a tale it is bigger, it is a legend. It is the Legend of a cubed planet called by the man who founded it, Stone Hearth. the Legend starts with a young man named James Heckelberry.

Journal of Dr.Heckelberry

Entry 1: Date March 11 of 2034, I have started working on a portal to go across the world with by using only one portal; I call it the transportal…

Entry 2: Date June 15 of 2034, I have researched others who have tried this but none have finished their work due to lack of technology. I don’t know if this is even possible for one mind to complete. I might need to hire someone else to help but on a secret scale…

Entry 3: Date July 7 of 2034, I managed to hired someone by the name of Tom, I can’t say the last name due to the fact that I think someone might be watching us while we work. I will have to watch them as well…

Entry 4: Date August 17 of 2034, I have been watching the person who has been following me and he always is wearing a shirt with a knight’s helmet on the top-right corner. I want to find out who he works for before I post any more entrees…

Entry 5: Date January 19 of 2048, after long nights and hard days of not going outside, we have finally finished the prototype transportal. I have not found out who the mysterious group who was watching us was. I wonder if they are going to make their move soon and what are they after?

Entry 6: Date February 5 of 2048, with the prototype finished Tom said we use an apple of sorts with a GPS on it and see what we get. The programming of the portal was aimed at the middle of nowhere in china…

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Part 2 of the Journal…

Entry 7: Date February 21 of 2048, after many tires and all of them the apple’s GPS signal was lost and when we pulled it back by the string the signal came back. Later during yesterday I found out that the group was called Cerebro Knights. They are a high tech dealers who make millions on the new phones and computers that are made.

Entry 8: Date December 9 of 2048, Tom has decided with me that the time has come to have an animal go in the transportal. Our subject is Tony the monkey, he will go on the 27th…

Entry 9: Date December 29 of 2048, after we called Tony back to us he came back half normal and half made out of blocks. Tony was ok just half in a block state .Tom wanted to go see why this happened himself but I stopped him. I hope that Tom would not be so stupid himself to go through…

Entry 10: Date January 31 of 2049, I came in to the lab today to find the portal on and a note. ‘Dear Dr.Heckelberry, I went into the portal today so I could found out why blocks are appearing for the portal. I hope to see you soon, your faithful worker, Tom.’ Why would he go into an unstable portal and more so the Cerebro Knights, I found out, are not only dealers but a group who plans to take over the world with this portal. They will attack soon and I can’t call the police because the news cannot know that there is this secret project in here. What will I do?

Entry 11: Date July 28 of 2049, I blocked the portal with deadly toxic and explosives that when touch it will go off. Tom has yet to exit; I wonder what he is up to in there. I have heard some noise outside and I’m afraid this might be my last entry in my journal. If anybody finds this turn to the next page and try and remake the portal for I can’t let the Cerebro Knights get their han…

End of Journal

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the next installment in this book i was given describes how the guy ended up in the world…

                          What I Found in the Spooky Lab

After the old man finished his story it sounded like something I had heard on the news. When I looked up the accident, I found that there was an exact story to the old mans. I then went to the old lab to see about the journal to see if that was there too. As I search the lab’s computer I found that; 1. It was really old and 2. The journal was somewhat backed up. What was left on the journal was the last 5 entrees, a picture and entry 8-11. I thought with the picture I could, by myself, make the transportal and find what happened to Tom in the other side and find out where is the other side. After a few weeks, I was able to rebuild the portal and had it running just like they did before that day…As I went into the portal I found myself in a good sized town. As I walked around I noticed that I was no longer normal, everything was block-ish. I went into a park area and thought it would not be bad to live here. Someone then came up to me and asked me “are you lost? I never have seen you around.” I turned around to see was talking and it was a cute girl. I stuttered “Wh…What lost no just decide to find a new place to hang out. By the way I’m Chris Burlyhands. What is your name?” She smiled while saying “I’m nobody” and ran off giggling. I stared at her for a while a little shocked at what happened. Later I found her and managed to marry her and my life began anew in a world that the people said was called Stone Hearth due to a legend of a guy appearing from some magic portal…

The next one will describe the Great Mer and his adventure

so before i post anymore stories so far i will like to say that i will accept comments and/or topics to write about. I will try to see if I can squeeze them in my story if I can not saying I will or won’t

Thanks, the Keeper of the Legend

so like before i will at the end write what will happen next in from this book.

                                  Mer Vs the Troll

Long after I, Chris Burlyhands came passed away, my son Mer Burlyhands began his adventure to glory. This is a legend of Mer Burlyhands and how he fought off the giant troll.

The city of Ref was a big city for the town my father town had known. The city had walls, fewer parks than back then, and of all roads made out of stone. I sat around waiting for something new to happen. “Man! Being a soldier stinks when all you do is guard a wall and no fighting occurs” I said. If it wasn’t for my dad I would not be here. He said “it has been my dream to have a son in the army.” Those were his last words before he past. I wish I didn’t promise him I would do this. “A Goblin patrol coming this way looks like an attack is coming.” As I raced down the tower to the gates to be get ready for the attack, the captain at the time told us not to make haste and be careful, and go in slowly. As me and my squad, that I was in charge of (I’m a sergeant and they are footmen) we head towards the other side of the forest just outside the gates to ambush when the signal was given. While waiting for the signal I crouched low and stayed out of sight of the goblins, my palms were so sweaty I was afraid I would drop my sword if I pulled it out. After 5 minutes the signal had still not been given and my men were about to attack without hesitating. I too was ready for the signal if it wasn’t for the giant troll standing just next to us…GIANT TROLL!! “Hey, men on my mark and aim for the troll only then you can handle the rest” I whispered to them. I held my hand up with my fingers in a fist and then…I dropped my arm and drew my sword and charged. The captain saw us while we charged away from the city. As we charged the troll the goblins behind saw what we were up to and raced to us before we could attack the ugly beast but they were to slow. As we ran my men threw spears in a stair-step order for me to climb up on. I managed to jump on the foot of it then raced up to the 1st spear lunged in it. As I climbed the spears that were held fast in the trolls body, my men had to dodge the trolls attack plus fight the goblins that were on their way to attack the city. After long time of jumping and climbing I made it to the best place to kill anything right at the heart. With a jab of my sword the troll roared in rage and pain. With the troll falling I held on to the spear that I stood on until I was closer to the ground. After I managed to leap off the spear and do a barrel roll to dodge the body falling, the goblins ran with their plan defeated. Trumpets sounded when the young man came out after being promoted that day. He is now Captain Mer Burlyhands. Where did he go wrong?

so since this installment was done already here it is: now this takes place a few months after Mer becomes a captain and a guy named Diynas is the speaker.

                                Ref Vs The Triad

One day, while the sun was shining and the wind blew softly. The people of the city Ref, was working hard and very safely on making houses and forts. Then out of nowhere a squad of footmen from the neighboring kingdom, called the Triad, came and the leader, who was wearing red instead of the (what I guess to be the normal color) black, said to me “we need to speak to your leader immediately.” Now I was not one to get a chance like this, to go see the leader of our land, so I said “follow me, sir.” After I took them to castle I waited outside the door and listened in. our leader was yelling “I WON’T, GO BACK TO YOUR KING AND TELL HIM I WON’T.” the footmen came and stormed right back to border and to their city. A few weeks later I had joined the army and was put on guard in a tower to make sure goblins would not attack. I wish now I did not join in the first place. The next day after I was assigned to the tower I saw an army getting ready to storm the city. I sounded the alarm and hurried down, with my bow, and got ready to fire at command. The army never moved until the footmen that was here so long ago came up and yelled at us. “Our king has declared war upon you because of not giving us…” An arrow that was shot by my officer stopped him then he said “fire at the army, don’t just stand there I said fire.” The siege has begun. We fired and then a wall fell we retreated to the next wall right before the castle. On the way there I saw death in the eyes of the people and my own. I ran and fired every shot with accuracy and then I heard a horn. It was not our horn or anything like it but the enemy retreat and the battle was over but I’m afraid the war was not. When I went to find my captain, he was on the ground dying I called for a healer anybody but no one came. His last words to me were “my name will go down in history”, his name was Mer Burlyhannds.

next installments:
the Adventure of Drunken Bob
We Found out who was helping us

Anyone who wants to give me a topic based on Mer or before the 1st battle please do. i will not give these 3 because they are based off of the witers workshop topics