Hiya, Mr. Steve!

This is a thread specifically for thanking and greeting General Adamo for all of his hard work and beauty wondrous moderating. Post away!

Thanks, Mr. Steve.

(PS, you are my favorite moderator.)


Ooooooh, I think you just made #1 on @Geoffers747 list :wink:

well… thanks! awfully kind of you to say… :smile:

you sir, just earned yourself a seat at the Big Boy table… and i’ve taken the liberty of posting this image, as im sure it accurately captures your feelings towards me… and my awesomeness…


You use that word so much, I do not think it means what you think it means.

But in all seriousness, and not buttering up to @SteveAdamo, i’m would be on his side, as he’s the guy on when i’m on.

Again, grammar alludes me.

3 yay’s for general steve!

Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

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Make it 100, i just recuted a bunch of new people for the army.

Also, really @Geoffers747? I’m dissapointed, and it only furthers my love for @SteveAdamo even more.

It’s my only explanation for the heresy in this thread.

Still doesn’t make my opinion of you any better.


fear… pure, unadulterated fear… :godmode:

oh, and a snack bar, stocked with cheetos and Mountain Dew…


make it 150, I bring some villagers to the party.

Villagers? Perfect, I can get them to setup my Steam Golem factory and we can overrun the Geofferites!

Wait, I’m confused now. The Geofferites seem to think that I’m a fan of Steve, and the Stevians think that I’m a Geofferite?

first, my followers prefer SteveTaculars… second…

yeah, i got nothing…

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I’ve got steam nukes to back you up, you’ve got whatever you want.

Whenever. Anywhereever.
Yah. Steam Nukes are the big ones. The ones with no actual radiation but all the explosive power.

I’m not sure you can have nukes without radiation, no? Anybody feel free to correct me but I’m fairly confident on that one :wink: would they not just be steam bombs?