Salutations, Sir Geoffers!

This is a thread for congratulating The Grand Admiral Geoffers on his fantastic moderating and coming of age (for the nth time!). Beyond that, you can also just say hello.

Salutations, Admiral!

(PS, you are also my favorite moderator.)


Scandalous! :sheep: :camel:

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wait wait wait… wait

Steve :arrow_right: Mr / General
Robert :arrow_right: Sir / Grand Admiral

his titles seem awfully more … respectable than mine… do you want to go back to the kiddie table?

Well, see Steve, you simply have an aura. There is no need for grand titles for you.

Besides, Geoffers is English, so “Sir” is more appropriate.

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I salute only Grand Master Stonesmith Steve.

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I’m waiting for a full scale moderator war to occur, with @ManOfRet bang in the middle. Popcorn ready, proceed.

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Hehehe… See, this is often my strategy in Civ 5… Get surrounded by the enemy, while I am secretly dying… hehehe…

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That sounds dirty, you have a sick mind.
Or do I? I dunno, math is hard.


Not on the forums, I wouldn’t want to dirty any innocent little eyes on here…:speak_no_evil:

IRL? Errrm…noooo…

what’s really going to cook your noodle, is the fact that we’re twins… separated shortly after birth…

our father was a visiting sous chef from Bristol, and mom was a renowned food critic, off for a stint in New York…

the stars aligned one night, and 9 months later we graced this planet… mom thought it best to keep me in the states, as i was already using swear words incessantly…

while dad felt America was no place to raise “his little girl”… so he bundled Roberta up, and the rest is, as they say… algebra!


Mind === blown

local mind = "blown"


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Goodness, I had no idea I wasn’t born in America.

local mind = blown
if(mind == blown) then



I get it! MIND IS BLOWN! AHA! The word mind is EQUIVALENT to blown!

I see coding is dangerous :smile:

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I have nothing to add to this incredibly accurate story.

I’ve sent you the t-shirt we’re wearing to the release party, I got yours in hot pink if that’s good?

There wouldn’t be much of a war, @SteveAdamo and I would be united in our hatred of you all and everyone would receive a swift ban.

Afterwards we would each create many many topics, responding to and liking each other’s posts just to rack up the activity meter on our profiles.

What a glorious weekend that shall be.