Grand Commandmiral Geoffers vs Forum Generalommodere Adamo

You sick…

He should ONLY be REFERRED TO as FORUM Generalommodere ADAMO!! DO I make MYself CLEAR!?

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Just wait until Sir @Geoffers747 gets a hold of this sentence, we will see who is Generalommodere then…


I have only just noticed this… A rebellion? With me as a leader? That’s pretty swell.

What is that supposed to mean? Grand Commandmiral Geoffers has a Navy which has both the numbers and the prowess to match Forum Generalommodere Adamo’s Army and Air Force.

Aha, but surely the army couldn’t take down Grand Commandmiral Geoffers’ Navy, when they’re only land soldiers? Surely they are not going to swim to the middle of the ocean where the Navy could supposedly ‘set up camp’. So that limits Forum Generalommodere Adamo to just his air force, which Geoffers could easy beat if he we’re using a ratio of 2 ships for every 1 fighter jet (or whatever Adamo decided to use). Then Geoffers could just simply take down the land army, and huzzah! Grand Commandmiral Geoffers has won.

(Yes I thought into this quite a lot.)

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Well, I’ve thought about it better.

Ok, firstly, who says that FG Adamo has to come to GC Geoffers? Who says they’re even going to war?

What happens if FG’s Armies stay put where they are? And what happens if they hole up in the ports and harbors where GC’s Navy bases are? What then? Also, what happens if FG’s Artillery gets sight of GC’s ships? They would crush them with their constant assault. If they are out of range, there’s always ICBMs to use against them, and odds are that GC’s ships wouldn’t have anti-ICBM capabilities.

Beyond that, GC’s Navy Air unit (In America, the Navy is actually the primary air force in offensive campaigns) would be outnumbered by FG’s Air Force, likely by at least a 3:1 ratio. In addition, FG’s Air Force would outnumber GC’s ships by at least 10:1, possibly more than that. Finally, FG would have the ability to have supplies from his homeland, as he would be in his homeland, on land, with supplies coming regularly. On the other hand, GC would be severed from his homeland, as FG would control it. (Note that the “homeland” in question is actually Discoursia, also known as Forumland.)

In conclusion, FG’s Armies and Air Force could simply lie wait deep in his heartland, out of reach of GC’s missiles, cannons, and aircraft. Therefore, he could essentially employ a reverse siege tactic and wait for GC to run out of supplies as he himself takes no damage.

I’ve been beaten down. Quite. A lot. Touche, @ManOfRet. Still, I have my own rebellion to run, apparently. So I shall not be siding with anyone… although I can see you have definitely made your choice.

FG Adamo certainly has loyal and intelligent tacticians.

I also now understand why @SteveAdamo warned me of you all.

You are not permitted to refer to him as ‘FG’. That is reserved to said tacticians and advisors, and them alone.

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I sincerely apologize.

Edit, and off-topic(?): I see @SteveAdamo has used his wizardry yet again to create another topic. Touche.

just a display of my powers, to keep the masses in line… :fist: :zap:

as a learned man, i’m sure you’ve studied military tactics… this is how the game is played… :smile:


Of course… I mean sure I have studied military tactics. Does common sense count as one? And does playing Civ 5 count as training?

What the ---- is going on?

(You SH Forum-ers are hardcore roleplayers :stuck_out_tongue:)

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This isn’t roleplaying, @Swift_Cube. This is life.

@Swift_Cube, you sure do like your images, huh. Well they are all relevant, so I can’t complain.

Yeah, I find that sometimes images can convey what I can’t in words.

Come come now, it’s pretty obvious here that the only person deserving of a title is myself. LordNevs

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You forget that GC has nukes just waiting to be launched by his ships, FG has to get close enough to GC’s army so the GC cannot use his nukes incase he hits his navy but if FG gets too close the navy can use their artillery.[

GC’s navy probably has Anti-Aircraft guns on their ships, If all else fails GC can launch his own aircraft from his aircraft carriers.

I think you’re forgetting that the missile silos that would be hidden deep in the plains of the Homeland would contain far more firepower than the Navy would, stranded out in the middle of the ocean.

Also, FG’s R&D team could develop a new version of the SR-71 that could fly incredibly high and fast, and thus out of range of GC’s Navy’s AA guns. Also, ICBMs.