Have a leader or king

it would be interesting to have a king or a chief

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please use the search box and type in leader king chief before posting

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there are so many threads that have replicas it’s really annoying and the mods don’t even combine them.

sorry if it’s annoying that there are so many threads about this, but many did not know existed

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just want to say, i’m really sorry for that, the last couple of months i’ve been feeling really down and have been slacking of on the discourse, hopefully i’ll be feeling a bit better soon and will be able to help clean up the discourse a bit more…

but yeah… sorry for my less than adequate help around here. :disappointed_relieved:


Sorry if I came across rude.

@8BitCrab I think you guys do a really good job at answering everyone’s questions and you are always really friendly. It’s just that sometimes you have to be heavy handed with the whole tread management and it seems like there is a lacking in that department from the mods in general.

I’m willing and on enough to do it, just I’m not a mod and I haven’t been here for that long.

It’s sad to hear that you aren’t feeling great and I hope you get better soon :slight_smile:

I’m wondering if there is something that can be done to the Stonehearth discourse in general to make sure that threads don’t get so many replicas.


I have known game forums to recruit their players as moderators with some low level forum powers - like sorting threads and marking content for reading or removal by the higher ups - to ease the daily grind of managing so much content.

I don’t know if there are legal concerns or if some small payment is required, you need to look into that, but you would most definitely need to have an age requirement and many players would gladly help out.

I know the KSP forums have a “Links to common suggestions” that is pinnned. It contains the links to the main threads containing the most frequent suggested idea’s.

Maybe that approach could work for the discourse as well

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