King of your town

This is about a new class i think That could change the whole gameplay from a certain point. And this class is THE KING, after your town Turned level 2 you are going to be able to upgrade 1 of your heartlings to king. The requerment is a crown crafted by the black Smith and a cape crafted by the carpender.

What will the king ad in turn of game play for 1 al the crafsman will be able to craft fancy items for the king like vandels fancy chairs tabels etc.

After promoting a king you get to chose what kind of kingdom you want to be. Trade, militaire, craft and creating a councel.

In al these groeps the King has sertan requerments That need to be met once you met these requerments you get new missions and classes but once he die

I think king is a step to far, but I did have a similar idea. Maybe once your town is level 1 or 2 (if that gets introduced) you can promote a hearthling to mayor. The mayor would then provide certain boosts to the town. Depending on what their job abilities are, the town buffs could differ. If you promote a farmer to mayor the crops could grow faster. Promoting a warrior could provide a town wide strength buff. A mayor with carpenter or mason experience could increase building speed or decrease material costs. Having a mayor could also unlock specific quest chains similar to the quest to gain town status.

Maybe as the town gets bigger mayor could be promoted to governor and then to king, but that seems fairly far out.

That does sound good but the problem That i have witch That way of putting it in the game is doesn’t at anything accept the bonus That the king provids. And I personly think having a king in you town Should make this huge difference and not just a smal buff That makes the king just a boring class.

Maybe later on, the Buffs could get better or stronger, but for now the population cap is 50. It seems a little pretentious to call yourself the king of a town with 50 people.

I agre in That you can you not call yourself king of 50 people but the king does nothing accept buffing. Doesn’t That seem a bit boring to you?

Well in your original description having a king unlocks recipes for other crafters. That means he still walks around doing very little. Others just have more work to do… which I guess is what happens when you have a king to take care of.

In my suggestion, the Mayor could maintain his previous job. No reason he can’t still keep crafting or building or if he was a combat unit keep fighting. It would also maybe be an interesting mechanic to give you a choice. Do you want to appoint a ruler or have the hearthlings elect one?

It is not the first time this idea comes here.
I think i read something “radiant has some other ideas for townleader ship instat an single ruler” but i can’t show the original quote.

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