Central website for mods

Guys what of all mods needed to (or just was recommended to) be posted on a official website, so you would not need to go to one gazillion websites to find the right copy of a mod

Well… this is the official website and I have the understanding that Radiant will offer in the future a “repository” for Mods. So great idea, but I guess no need to do something about it yet.

But it would still be awesome.

Something like this is one of those things that we need to wait and see what happens.

It is likely that there will be some central mechanism for mods, the devs aren’t blind to this and will be thinking about how to approach it, so it would seem perhaps ‘wait and see’ is the best thing to do.

@warstories isn’t here yet? Shame.


Sounds good. It is still just a idea

Put those claws away! :cat:


I have been summoned!!! @magniler http://www.stonehearthkingdom.com is a repository for mods/maps/qubicle templates and other things! Link to the repository: http://www.stonehearthkingdom.com/resources/

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Not to knock Stonehearthkingdom but I really hope Radiant will eventually host an official mod repository, like Squad does for Kerbal Space Program.



What would be the difference :open_mouth:

So it’s on Radiant’s servers and doesn’t place undue strain on a private user’s service. I also don’t like the way Kingdom’s download site doesn’t allow tags or other ways to organize the mods (or maybe the service is provided and Kingdom just doesn’t use it yet), and hopefully Radiant could pick a service that does. It could also be policed more easily. Just my two cents.


When adding a download you can add tags, that has been there for a while, you can also search downloads using the search feature, also, strain is welcome considering Kingdom is run on very powerful servers. (Barely any strain/lag at all). Also, on the left side their are categories, Mods, Maps, Templates and Replicas, I can add more categories if needed/suggested. I have mods policing all Downloads/Forums so foreign content and such is not allowed.

@wminsing Will, you have to understand how determined @Warstories is when it comes to getting his repository and site as ubiquitous as possible as fast as possible. It’s admirable if a little bit grating. (Edit: I forgot to mention that this is so common it has literally become a running joke with regulars.) Radiant has stated that they may open a repository, but think about it this way: by then @Warstories’s site will have been up for almost six months (assuming they release the repo at about the same time as the beta, IF they even release it).

By then the site will have fleshed out its feature set, and taken care of most bugs. No, I don’t like that it has another set of forums, but do I think Stonehearth needs a DFFD even at this early stage? Frack yes I do.

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Forums on the site were always secondary for people who prefer it, my main goal is for it to be a repository :D, I am very determined, :blush:
Edit: Just made it so you don’t need an account to download off of Kingdom’s repository :smile:

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Plug Party? I made a modding post btw. Post. Super-shameless plug over.

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i have no doubt SHK will serve as a great repository… but as with virtually any game that offers mods, there will be a handful of “big sites” from which to choose… whether thats another fan site (likely), or something official (almost guaranteed), time will tell…


You flatter me :blush:

I’m pretty sure during one of the livestreams Tom said that there would be in-game support for mod management. This implies not relying on a 3rd-party website to host mods.

Also, to be honest, it’s such a core feature, they’d be mad to rely on third parties to support mod discovery and hosting.

When I hear in-game support for mod management I think of Minecraft, where you download the mods off of a third party, but you can enable/disable mods you’ve installed in-game. (Ok maybe not minecraft, but something like Feed the Beast mod management if that makes sense)

The big difference that I see is that Minecraft modding is something people did to it. Modding is an integral part of Stonehearth, fully supported. Hence they’ll need to support it with a first-party system.

Tom’s also indicated that Steam Workshop might be an option now that there’s Greenlight (yay!) but that won’t be the only avenue for mods. Thus I reckon they’ll be looking to support multiple mod hosts. I’m not sure exactly how they’ll do that; it could get hairy :wink: