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Happy Birthday dear @Geoffers747! May the force be with you and may Cthulhu only slay your narcoleptic workers!

As promised, after the spoiler…


… follows the download! :gift:


Happy Birthday @Geoffers747 and many nice presents :beers:



Happy birthday! @Geoffers747 :hatching_chick: :ghost: :cake:


My gift :gift: and a cake! :cake:


Happy birthday @Geoffers747!! :cake:


@voxel_pirate the model is amazing, thank you!

And thank you every body else :smile: I love each and every one of you unequally.


I have a gift too @Geoffers747. A statue for our divine ruler, so we common people have a place to worship:pray:. :smile:

[Mod] Miturion's voxel corner + egyptian mod

Happy birthday @Geoffers747!!!


Happy birthday!
You are one year nearer to your death happy birthday!!!

Don’t drink too much beer if you are going to use the forums :smile_cat:


Happy Birthday, @Geoffers747 ! Here’s your present!


Honestly, socks are god damn fantastic. I seem to lose so many of them …


ahhh! i wasnt the first to wish you a happy birthday… the shame!

commence with the flogging… you know, the one we practiced… :smile:

Happy Birthday mi hermano! i hope you spent the remainder of your day doing absolutely nothing productive… :wink:


Frolicher Geburtstag, Happy Birthday, and Cumpleanos whateveros, Geoffers! You will henceforth be known as Geoffers+1.

Nice surprise, @voxel_pirate. How long it it take you to make that cover? That was pretty fdkjsalfdksaefkl impressive, dude.


@ManOfRet Estimated 2 minutes. 1:30 for the “ribbon” and 30 seconds to find a texture via Google (see this video starting around 9:20 min.).


Ah, I forgot about the copy-paste feature of QC… lulz… and I was beginning to think you had done something more impressive than what Neil Armstrong did…


Something more impressive than faking that I have been on the moon? How should this work? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Happy Birthday!

Enjoy the heartwarming annual festivities!


Happy birthday Geoffers, I hope it’s full of everything you’ve ever dreamed of, except stonehearth, as that wold spoil the fun. We’re all waiting.


happy birthday you magnificent goddess


happy escape from the womb day