One year anniversary … month long celebration!

hey folks, as if the new Qubicle Competition weren’t enough, we’re tossing out one more celebratory thread for you today…

in honor of the one year anniversary of the campaign kicking off, @Geoffers747 and I thought it might be fun to let you all request the oh so coveted custom title! :smile:

that’s right… for the next 30 days, feel free to request a custom title for yourself in this thread, and we’ll award said title with all associated rank and privileges…

some quick (and obvious) rules to keep in mind:

  • the title must be “family friendly” and we reserve the right to reject said title (and to in fact mock you for your insensitivity)

  • the title can’t be overly wordy … try to keep them to 2-3 words of average length

  • no titles that are awarded as part of our existing competitions (voxel novice, stonehearth scribe, etc.)

  • the titles are temporary, and will be removed at month end

ok folks, you’ve been clamoring for custom titles for ages… well, here’s your chance! :smile:

have fun, and congratulations to Team Radiant on this one year anniversary!! :+1:


“Voxel Rabbit” would be sweet :stuck_out_tongue:

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So this is what you were talking about when it comes to titles! :smile:

Of course, I’d like my position back as Steve’s Executive Assistant, please!


Oh no. @Newf is going to have a title again :fearful:
Also i don’t want any titles but thanks for the opportunity :slight_smile:

Edit: Nooooo i got a title :disappointed:. How could you @Geoffers747?


See i fixed that for you :slight_smile:

Oh also, I see the rules for the titles, and I propose a new rule… the title can’t be voxel novice, or any title that would be rewarded from a competition? Then they could claim fame for something they might have not done. :frowning:

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Done :wink:

@SteveAdamo Maybe we should have done a Team Steve or Team Geoffers … me and my band of 2 to 3 followers would stand valiantly against your army.

Also I feel like I should transition from Geoffers to Rob … don’t really know why.

Yer we’ll say that competition titles are off limits, although they would lose it after the month anyway :stuck_out_tongue:


Alright then RobThat’s going to take a bit of getting used to.

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Exactly, I am for evermore known as Geoffers. Should probably just get it all changed legally and stuff.


seconded! and added to the OP… :+1:


I want my old title back!..Please

NO :angry:

I Didn’t Do It (post must be at least 20 characters bleh)

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i’ll probably regret this… but, refresh my memory? :confounded:

@Newf i think you are pointing at the wrong person, i don’t have this kind of power you mad dog :fearful:

It was I sniff stuff or something wasn’t it?


I’d like
"Waiting for Next Writing Competition"
or maybe
"Scribe in Waiting"
if the other is to long :wink:


i like it… done! :smile:

kind of off-topic for this thread, but will we be having a month-longish writing competition coming up as well as part of the celebration?