How to be a voxel journeyman?

I keep seeing people with voxel journeyman, or something with voxel in it, under their names. Eventually, I saw someone else ask the question, and someone replied that you need to win some kinda competition. I’m good at competitions and making stuff, plus, I want to have voxel something written under my name, so I want to know where to find the competition. If any1 knows, THX.

It’s a suffix. A moderator needs to give it to you, nobody else can as far as I know. If you could do it on your own, I know that mine would probably be…

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we have two competitions on the discourse (both are currently on hiatus)… the qubicle competition (modeling using qubicle contructor) as well as the writer’s workshop (fan fiction)…

both competitions offer varying prizes, one of which is a custom title, depending on how far you advance in a particular competition…

stay tuned, as both will be opening back up “soon”… :smile:

walks by with swanky title


@EvanX3oooo just in case you weren’t aware, the magnifying glass in the top right ss the search function and it’s extremely useful - searching competition would have given you the Qubicle competition rules as the top result.

Anyway, the ‘Voxel …’ titles are awarded for those who placed in the final/ won the final of the Qubicle competition, it’s currently on a break until February.

Voxel Journeyman is awarded to those who placed 1st in a Qubicle competition final.

@SteveAdamo was also running a writing competition which is also on a break, so if you see any titles relating to writing, that’s for that one!

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In the time it took me to hunt down the link, there were already TWO replies. Humph!

But no one with a link, so HAH!
Here’s the Writer’s Workshop:

It links over to the Qubicle competition, and you can presumably just keep track of those two threads for when the contests relaunch.


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