Qubicle Competition Suggest a Theme

It’s that time again!

We need your suggestions for what you would like to see as a week for the Qubicle competition.

Make one suggestion each, like the one’s you want, and I will pick the top 3 each week before resetting the thread.

Elemental Units

We already have the geomancer to manipulate earth, the magma smith to manipulate, well, magma. what other units would you have, what would they manipulate, and what would their purpose be?



Basic houses, castles or furniture, Whatever is related to buildings.


Armor Sets

im curious to see what other types of armor can be created, from studded leather to plate mail, to Enchanted Elven Battle Gear (patent pending)…


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Create your own original character using qubicle then add a story/background to this character, this theme combines both the story and modeling contests we can then have 3 winners. The winner for best story, The winner for best model and the overall winner for the combination of both (The other two winners are just so people who dont think they are good at storytelling or modelling dont feel like they cant win)


My Little Steam Punk Air Vehicle..

Make a air vehicle that is designed to run off steam, Power it with any source, from lava to the portal to the fire plains. The vehicles in question must have allot of excess levers, cup holders and guns to accommodate the steam punk style. The more explosions, the better!


This I completely approve of… I may be bias…

Female Crafters

The only female crafters we’ve seen are the Carpenter and Weaver. It would be nice to see what the community thinks the other crafters would look like as a Female counterpart.

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The Grand Journeys

The idea of this being old maps, staffs that reflect the sun to show treasure, and other types of guiding tools or equipment needed to begin an eventful adventure.

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The world of tomorrow

I want to see the future of Stonehearth’s inhabitants.


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Best idea every hope it gets in and not as an end of month competition but as one of the first 3 weeks so everyone can have a go at this amazing theme. :smiley:

Alternative human design

What would your version of a voxelized human look like? More realistic? More abstract? More badass? More what-ever-you-want? Maybe place him/her in a small scene with a fitting design. Not necessarily a scene similar to Stonehearth.

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Prolific Mod Idea The first week of every cycle or something the Mighty Stephen Geodamo chooses one of the best mod ideas out there as a theme where you must make something relevant to the mod. Think it could be interesting to draw interest to certain mods or to revive interest in old ones, think of it as a featured mod system with a twist.


Cthulu’s Minions

We already have a Cthulu titan, how about we add some minions for him?

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