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DeviantART link again

Now with his signature weapon!

I think I’m going to start making other League of Legends characters - starting with the Shadow Isle characters (Mordekaiser, Thresh, Hecarim, Yorick, Karthus, Elise. Probably Draven as well).

edit: direct link to image


+1’d, except for the monotony of that gray… I like the accents, but the sheer gray-silvery-slate color needs to have some variation as well.

I’ll probably make it a bit more interesting later on - I know that the helmet is pretty bland but unfortunately, Mordekaiser is pretty much just grey - he’s just metal after all. I think I’ll do Thresh next, he’s more colourful (navy clothes, green spirit / skull, bones, all sorts!)

still really well done… and the weapon is very intimidating… :wink:

you mean like this?

If this does become the competition theme I am so using this :smiley:


Is it just me, or is that giant magma glove off, Off the ARM?

If I moved it closer to her it would be inside her

@Newf and @Smith, i believe this thread is for making theme suggestions only (so folks can “like” said suggestions)… i wont delete the posts, but perhaps we can find another thread to move your content into…

Getting addicted now ._.

enter link description here

My mockup of Thresh. Thresh is a fairly complex character (not sure how I’m going to do the weapons yet) but I think I got it down? His head-hooks had to be bent down otherwise he’d be too tall. He looks more chilled with dreadlock-hooks though :smile:


Can you double check that? I feel like the one for that is Qubicle Competition Suggest a Theme

I’m confused, THIS looks like a discussion thread to me…[quote=“Newf, post:418, topic:117, full:true”]
If I moved it closer to her it would be inside her

Well, as i’m posting anyway, move the arm, all arms don’t have to be the same size.

you’re reading my “moved” post… i originally made that comment in the suggestions thread, then moved the whole lot of those posts here… :wink:

suggestions there… discussion here:smile:

LeBlanc is best. Mord is an overpowered phallus.

t-shirt idea #4,175… thanks!

whoa, i missed this during the whole “merge thing”… nice work! :smile:

Spent a bit longer on this one. He’s about a head taller than the regular characters because he’s normally crouched down or leaning over.

I decided to make Trundle next instead of Hecarim because I started playing Trundle a bunch. Also, I quite like his Junkyard skin.

enter link description here

Feedback always appreciated :smile:

EDIT: fixed link, fixed height (not twice as tall, a head taller)


If you want to fit the Stonehearth style, remember: keep the voxel limit low. If you implement something into the game, you can manipulate the size of the voxels. Cthulu has a little less voxels than a villager, but he’s 20x bigger.

Also, his feet appear to be melting.

I like the rotating GIF… do you know how to fix it if I render to a GIF, it looks fine on my PC, but it doesn’t rotate >90 degrees when I post it on discourse?

My first Qubicle creation, it’s my attempt to create the ancient sword from Shadow of the colossus, hope it’s any good


Finished a second weapon this time I made a musket, as to show my support to the awesome idea of the arquebusier of which I know of from the game rise of nations where they wear those metal conquistador hats


fantastic game, and excellent first model… oh, and here’s a belated “welcome aboard!” … :smile:

another excellent model… we havent seen too many firearms yet… keep up the good work! :+1:

Can you please make me a steam musket? brass piping but still with iron barrel, and must be plugged in to steam pipe to charge. If not, that’s ok, though i realy like the musket…