Qubicle Competition Theme Suggestions - Week 3

Hey everyone, so we need your suggestions for next weeks Qubicle competition theme.

We would like you all to suggest what you think would be good for everyone to focus on designing and creating. These can be anything (within reason) ranging from ‘Winter’ to ‘Birds’. They can be something directly Stonehearth related, they can be recreations of your favourite superheroes, they can range from the ordinary house design to the magical mystical and elusive - the important thing is that we decide what to make together.

That is what this thread is for, so, a few ground rules:

  • Make 1 suggestion. We;ve settled on one as it keeps things fresh, and stops everyone burning out of ideas, plus it keeps things manageable and prevents a load of unseen suggestions.
  • sample entry: My suggestion is Marvel superheroes

  • Like as many posts as you want in here. That way we can gauge levels of interest for each respective theme/ topic.

  • If you wish to disucss anything in this thread, then please head over [urlhttp://discourse.stonehearth.net/t/qubicle-competition-rules-and-information/1932] here. [/url] Any posts in this topic that aren’t suggestions will unfortunately be deleted or moved.

  • Similarly if there are duplicate suggestions we’ll keep the original and delete the subsequent ones, this is only to keep things as tidy as possible.

  • Feel free to make the same suggestion in multiple weeks.

And with that, thank you all for reading! Suggest your themes here, look over the competition rules and discuss anything in this [urlhttp://discourse.stonehearth.net/t/qubicle-competition-rules-and-information/1932]thread[/url].

Suggestions will close Saturday 13th in preparation for week 3 of the competition.

If you wish to submit any models for the current week head over here - the theme is winter clothes/ armour!

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How about Weaponry? Some examples could include: Swords, Shields, Magical Staffs, Maces, etc.

Maybe the Grand Prize winner’s model will be implemented into Stonehearth, kind of like what @2_Zons said.

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My idea is: Dragons big or resized


My Idea is: The Brewery workshop perhaps if we have some good ideas here the team could use them in the game.


My idea is: New Titan

We’ve seen Cthulhu, but what other evils lurk beyond your city’s walls? What behemoth waits in the shadows to crush your citizens just when they think they’re safe? What do the people of your city fear most, such that the very thought of it keeps them awake at night?


My idea is: Mounts
Any animal or mechanism that your settlers can ride to have an advantage on speed or in combat.