Writer's Workshop Rules and Information

Hello forum dwellers! In addition to the Qubicle Competition we’ve launched, we’re now offering a contest for those who may not be as adept at slinging voxels, but perhaps have a penchant for writing.

Welcome to the Writer’s Workshop!

In the interest of keeping things simple, I’ve prepared a diagram that outlines the basic timeline for a 6-week competition cycle:

As you can see, the contest is simply broken down into three 2-week rounds, with the top two story submissions from the first two rounds (based on community likes) proceeding to the third and final round. Each round will have a specific theme, as voted on by the community, and there will be awards offered to each rounds top submission, with a grand prize offered to the winner of the third round.

And in the interest of making this manageable (for the community to read and review), we’re asking for submissions to be no more than 600 words.

Prizes: As with the Qubicle Competition, there will be prizes, of which we are still working out the details (games, forum titles, s00per secret goodies).

Thanks as well for taking the time to read this, and feel free to discus the competition rules in this thread.

We also need your suggestions for weekly themes, so please head on over here for that. :+1:

And as always, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to PM either @Geoffers747 or myself, and we’ll do our best to assist.


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I have a question:

Is there a reward that goes to the person who wins the finals?

absolutely! exactly what that is, @Geoffers747 and i are working out…

for each 6-week cycle, there are actually three prizes though… 1 for each round finalist (so round 1’s winner gets a prize, as well as round 2’s)… then the grand prize has a more substantial award… :smiley:

Wow, this actually sounds rather exciting, haha

Edit: @SteveAdamo You said no more than 500 words, how much leeway is there on that? I just took a shot at one of the suggestions I liked, and despite spending more time editing to trim words than I actually spent writing the story (slight exaggeration), I simply can not get this story under 510 to save my life. I could not bear to shorten my lovely little sentences any further!

And thirdly, the code is more what you’d call “guidelines” than actual rules.

I just thought about this and the leeway should atleast be fifty.

Whilst we await Steve to awake from his slumber, I’ll step in and potentially provide an answer that he deems unacceptable!

I would say that yes, there will be a leeway we’re not gonna be like “Cablex17 because you submitted a piece of 504 words we are going to ban you and burn your house down”. What that leeway is we haven’t spoken of, we felt that 500 words should be adequate enough to write a piece.

For me, this competition isn’t about providing a full story, it’s about writing a relatively short piece that captures the theme for that round, how you go about that is then up to you.

Fifty might work, we’ll have to talk about it, ultimately we want to keep things relatively manageable, and I would say that at most the leeway would be 50.

I need some NyQuil or something 'cause it’s… 7:46 and i haven’t slept (get loopy when i’m tired, don’t blame me if i start sprouting gibberish)

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i agree with the general consensus… 50 words sounds like a perfectly acceptable amount of “overage”… :wink:

Happy you like my idea (didn’t even know i’d writen it :smile:)

so will the number be 750 for the word count for now on?

im thinking that’s a one time allowance for the (each) finals…

so still 500 for the weeks 1-3?

yes, lets leave the non finals weeks at 500, with an “overage” allowed…

So, I have come and I have brought my problems with me, so as to make them your problems.

Something needs to be done about this contest…it’s lost entrants and voters. Unfortunately I’m disastrous and currently have no ideas. :worried:

ha! ok, well…

since you’ve now officially aired our dirty laundry (i’ll avoid the obvious @Geoffers747 joke here), we’ll have to do some brain-stormin’ and see what’s what… :smile:

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When did this end (If it ended) and if it did end, when is it starting back up? Just curious.

went on hiatus about a month or so ago… will resume next month for sure…

stay tuned! :+1: