Writer's Workshop Theme Suggestions: Cycle 1, Week 1

Hello everyone, we need your suggestions for next weeks Writer’s Workshop competition theme.

As such, we would like you all to suggest what you think would be good for everyone to focus on writing about. The themes can range from things like ‘Where did the Dwarves come from’ to ‘Summer in Stonehearth’.

They don’t necessarily have to be directly related to Stonehearth however - the important thing is that we decide what to write about together.

That is what this thread is for, so, a few ground rules:

  • Make up to 3 suggestions and please separate these into separate comments as it makes it easier to gauge feedback. This way it keeps things manageable and prevents a load of unseen suggestions.

  • Sample entry: “My suggestion is Where did the Dwarves come from

  • Like as many posts as you want in here. That way we can gauge levels of interest for each respective theme/ topic.

  • If you wish to discuss anything in this thread, then please head over here. Any posts in this topic that aren’t suggestions will unfortunately be deleted or moved.

  • Similarly if there are duplicate suggestions we’ll keep the original and delete the subsequent ones, this is only to keep things as tidy as possible.

And with that, thank you all for reading! Suggest your themes here, and feel free to look over the competition rules and discuss the specifics in this thread.

Suggestions will close Wednesday July 10th in preparation for week 1 of the competition.

As this is the first attempt at the contest, we’re starting a bit early with the suggestions (we normally would have started a theme suggestion round on Monday).

Have fun!


I have a suggestion
it involves theology and the worldview an religion of the stonehearthians.
A specific but crucial facet of their creation myth.
Why is everything cube shaped?


My suggestion: A celebration! Holiday or Event (Marriage, Birth, Class Tree Upgrade).


@olaf_randel5 Cause every other shape is made out of cubes :smirk:

no lol, that is actually an interesting question to be answered for the lore.
To add as a supplement, why do several cubes stuck together come to life?

My suggestion: Is there a relationship between the kingdoms of Dwarves and Bunny people?


My suggestion is: The golem with a heart. I’ll let you guys take what you want from that.


My suggestion: Save the starving Lagomorphs.

Can’t you see those round bunny eyes begging you to share of your bounty? Winter is coming on and bunnies breed like … well, rabbits. Think of all those hungry mouths to feed. Won’t you help them?

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My suggestion is: Why is there very little magic?


My suggestion is: The urge of exploration. Why do we heed the call of the unknown?

My suggestion is: A hero’s adventure.

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Suggestion: on the origins of the titans.


My suggestion is: The Adventures of Mer Burlyhands

FYI: If you don’t know who Mer Burlyhands is, watch this video: First Look At Stonehearth!


suggestion: zombies… what have we done!

suggestion: Cthulhu the forgotten god

he was once the mighty good willed god, that created life in many forms (dwarfs goblins bunnies), then came another god and created man, mankind quickly spread across the lands, taking over and forcing the old species to seek refuge ells where, slowly Cthulhu was forgotten as the ones that worshipped him were forced flee. when mankind ha conquered all the lands Cthulhu was filled with rage, and lost his mind. His form changed into a hideous beast. even to this day he roams the world seeking to destroy all.

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suggestion: Gonduir the first dwarf king

after the dwarf kingdom fell to mankind they spread by the wind, they took refuge down under the mountains, but the mountain was not so pleased by it’s new inhabitants. the dwarfs were attacked by hordes of monster born from stone, as their situation grew dire, a young dwarf named Gonduir set out on a journey to find the mountains hearth. the legend said whom ever could find and master the hearth of the mountain would be able to control the mountain itself.

Suggestion: Where the hell are we?

Basically the story of why, How, When, Where your starting 5 guys are


I hope this isn’t to late for a suggestion but, my suggestion is:

Your brief for this writing challenge is:
*In the beginning there was radient. Then in the dark desolate void the lone radient entertainment were joined by Noctaereum the titan of darkness. To prevent the outbreak of corrupt shadow spheres Noctaereum had created radient locked Noctaereum and his shadow spheres away in an voxeldimensional vault and sealed his dark powers in the hearth of stone.

Now Noctaereum returns with his storm of shadow spheres with a fiery vengeance that will corrupt any voxel into the dreaded spheres and it is up to YOU to choose how this dreaded menace will be defeated or the mystical lands of stonehearth will fall to chaos darkness and corruption.
Will you defend against this menace?

Thanks for reading please vote for this if you like the idea
DarkDitto out.

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thanks everyone! suggestions for this first round are now closed… the winning theme is courtesy of @olaf_randel5, who suggested Why is everything cube shaped?

so break out your pens and pencils and head over here with your submissions! :smile: