User Titles Discussion

This is not a thread asking for a title, just an inquiry and opener for discussion on the topic.

Does Discourse support automatic title generation based on forum activity? I guess I could do a little searching on my own and try and find out but I’m also looking to start a discussion on the merits of it’s use here.

Should there be titles for people for peoples contributions (posts)?

If so are there Stonehearth themed titles that could be used?

Would titles be based on number of posts, number of topics started, time since registered, likes, or a combination of all or some of the above?

It’s nice for the admin’s @SteveAdamo and @Geoffers747 to give personalized titles to certain members here and there, but I don’t think they should be responsible for giving titles to every single member who wants one. It’s probably not the best use of time for the people who do a damn fine job of keeping this discourse clean, organized, and friendly. As someone who ran clans for different games before, which is small compared to an entire games community, I can appreciate the amount of work things like this Discourse can take.

I believe @SteveAdamo and @Geoffers747 give out titles to people they see fit. People don’t simply ask for titles, really.

I quite like the idea for automated titles for number of posts, topics, etc.

I also think modders should get a title related to their mod… :wink: It might be cool, because then new users can easily see who is a modder, and whatnot.

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Good point about moderator title. I think that’s quite important to know for new members, especially when they put a moderator type comment in one of their threads.

I don’t believe the discourse has this feature, which is pretty common on other forums however… we could obviously do a little digging, but nothing has jumped out at me on the admin screens I’ve seen…

I was tossing around the idea of a 24 hour period where folks could request titles, but I’m not sure how fair/well received the idea might be…

an automated system would be nice, but there is obviously more of a tendency to spam, simply to hit those “levels”…

I like the idea of mod related titles though… would be a clever way to associate folks with their projects…


it would be like the modeling or the scribe titles that way people know who do what

Each modder could either have a title that’s related to their mod, or possibly there could be different levels of modders?

For example…

  • Basic Modder
  • Mediocre Modder
  • Advanced Modder
  • Modding Wizard

Quite frankly on the whole titles front this has been an idea I’ve had for a while.

Not the automation stuff because as some of you may have put to memory, I haven’t ever forummed(?) before, so I hadn’t heard of that, though it kind of sounds sensible. Really I’d probably prefer a slightly more detailed version of the user level feature, rather than for titles, but I get why titles could be good.

I more meant that I’d thought about modders perhaps having their own titles for their mods. I also kind of wondered if perhaps to reward those who have done giveaways on this forum, which I think is really cool of them to do, they should perhaps get a title related to that.

I mean at the end of the day this is all semantics and perhaps we needn’t get too bogged down in them. However it’s the kind of thing that could just make this forum feel even friendlier than it already does a good job of being.

My two cents: Titles are okay, ranks are stupid. If you are going to have requirements to reach a certain title, then it’s not a title, it’s a rank.

What this can lead to is a lot of useless posts that would not have been made otherwise simply to push one’s post count. Those might not even be spam per se, i.e. nothing that would be deleted, but do not contribute to the discussion at hand.

If you have ranked titles for “modders” then I would like to ask you what defines the level of a modder. What makes somebody worthier than somebody else for a mod? Time? Investment? Complexity? Size?

In addition, there’s the sociological aspect of this. If everybody is equal - in this case, without a title - then we have equality. A bit boring, but that would be the common thing in online communities. Of course a few people stand out, such as Steoffers and the Radiant guys and gals, but that’s about it. The users are equal.

If some have titles but others have not, then the titles should be justified in some way or another. For said user, it is a recognition: You did well in something. It’s an achievement of some sort. This is something other users can recognize too and even although titles are small in Discourse, they’re visible. So these users stand out in some way or another - what that means is up to each individual. Usually, I would say, persons with titles - persons that stand out - are likely seen as more important (and therefore their posts are valued slightly higher) or they’re… er, I’ll go with “despised”, either out of jealousy or because we have the good old proletariat against the upper classes thinking: That guy must be some sort of tycoon who employs children in his factory. Somewhere.

If all users have titles, then titles are meaningless again - almost. It depends on how the titles are made. For individual set titles, it can make sense - everybody is individual in some sense and therefore it’s just some sort of second avatar. However, being able to set them themselves is a bad idea per definition and asking the mods to set them for everyone is going to be a huge undertaking, especially when the community grows close to the release.

If we have ranks (titles that are unlocked by something automatically) and individual titles, the meaning of titles is… mixed. We still have the everybody-is-equal mixed with some-are-more-equal-than-others I would say. An individual title carries less weight, but at the same time it is hard to categorise a user based on its title (and humans, I would say, love to categorise things). Is a Mega Super User (achieved at 14’581 posts) more important than a Creator Of The Flower And Brick Mod? Who am I supposed to support in a discussion?

Too long, didn’t read: Titles are a powerful tool if used properly with consequences that might not be obvious at the beginning. I am against automatically assigned titles as it can water down the discussion to achieve a “better” rank.

Titles are not making people special, people are special because they’re people and because of their contributions. The only way titles can help in that way is to remind (new) users about what (extraordinarily) thing somebody contributed to the community. It can also help to put posts into context.

Therefore, I believe that titles should be given out carefully to people that can use it in the right way. Posting a lot should not warrant a title, neither should being a long time member. Those are neither achievements nor are they necessarily more than a status symbol, something the user can brag about.

It should be possible that somebody can feel welcome and appreciated in a community without having a little grey text box under his name.

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While titles may encourage for there to be more modding, there is the possibility of junk mods. If one simply hands out a title every time someone creates a mod, you might see people modding where they change the names of all the settlers to Carl Sagan.

So, what you’re saying is, if people are rewarded titles for doing amazing/extraordinary things, such as a give away or something, then they deserve it?

Also, I never really thought about the whole modding levels thing (in-depth, at least), t’was just a suggestion.

With titles for modders who… well make mods… The title would have to resemble what the mod is and what it does, no? Plus, as you say, with an easily moddable game comes silly mods. How about if titles were rewarded if mods hit certain milestones, so to speak, or if the mod were to get big in the community?


Much more balanced. Gold Star for you.

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Be it school or anywhere else, I’m against peak-and-set things.

Maybe I should explain this a bit, a single action should not necessarily award you anything. You make a give away, that’s great, but is that really worth a title or any sort of “special treatment”, a mentioning wherever you go? Think about it in real life terms; if a friend of yours shares bubblegum with you, will you give him a nickname for that? Unless it is, of course, somehow saving your life…

I suppose I left this out: Titles should not be permanent. In the sense that if you have a title, you should not just earn it once, but you should continue working for it. I mean, I’m a “Scripting Wizard” right now because of my contributions to the modding community. Do I really continue deserving that title if all I’m doing is badly drawn images and off topic posts?

People’s interests shift all the time (mine, currently, are far away from Stonehearth as example) so a title that was once justified isn’t anymore. For example, you could have given up modding, or you’ve stopped creating Qubicle models to focus on programming, …

If somebody is not living up to their title (similar to Doctor Who I suppose, where they made a promise to their name), it should be changed or well, removed. This is a very sensitive topic that would require a lot of thinking and a very careful approach.

That’s fuzzy again. What defines a milestone? When is a mod big? Who decides when a mod fulfils these requirements?

Additionally, what if somebody has multiple mods? What if a team of, say, eight people is creating a mod? Are they all entitled to a title? What if somebody wants more specific titles (i.e. “The Brick and Flower Mod Executive Human Resource Management Assistant”)?

i dunno… at the end of the day, i really like the custom titles @Geoffers747 and i have been handing out… if you’ve been here long enough, or stood out in some form or fashion, we’ve tried to acknowledge those members…

thats not to say there arent more folks who should have titles, or that those who dont arent “deserving” of one… we just arent that creative… :smile:

i’ll take this offline with @Geoffers747, and perhaps we’ll do something as simple as having a running thread where you can request names… if they are family friendly, make us laugh, or are just awesome in general, you would likely just be given a custom title…

then again, i may be a bit loopy from the daylight savings change, and i need more sleep to reconsider this idea… save me @Geoffers747!


Titles should be given out based on continued, meaningful contribution, or a single extraordinary contribution.

If you just give them out willy-nilly they lose any sort of intrinsic value.
In that case they should be configurable in your profile.


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you’re forgetting one very important detail… we’re vane…

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Burn him at the stake! Evil pictures! Evil! :feelsgood:

First off, ranks… yeah pass thanks. Bit silly, leads to lots of +1 type posts and all that nonsense.

As for titles… three ways of doing it. First, @SteveAdamo etc hand them out based on whatever criteria they use, as now. Second, everyone can do their own once they register. Third, everyone who exceeds a certain threshold (duration here, number of posts, number of likes, whatever) can do their own title.

As to whether or not we need titles… yeah probably not. It can be fun, and a little recognition from the people here can be nice, but it’s really not important, or shouldn’t be.

I kinda like “The Almighty Shogun Overlord of Epicness”

Has that special ring to it, ya know. (what have I done with all this title talk? Two topics. . . It’s gotten out of control! :fearful: )

It’s hard to tell whether this was serious or not, but just as general comment: Titles like those are terrible (my own one is borderline terrible too). You have to keep in mind that your title represents you too and if I may speak freely, “Almighty Overlord of Epicness” makes me both roll my eyes and take a mental note that this person is likely some sort of idiot (and/or desperately seeks attention… which usually implies the first in some manner).

Now that might not be true at all, but the title is, after your avatar and your name, one of the first things that somebody will possibly read. So before they have read anything you actually wrote, they already have a bad impression, which can… influence the way they read your posts.

I thought I made that ridiculous enough to eradicate any seriousness :fearful: Guess not lol I’ll add a few more adjectives next time :wink:

Most of what I say say, not moding related, is pretty much nonsense lol