How to get badges under your name?

I was wondering how i could get these titles beneath my name as like: extreme builder, modder, creativist and such. Can i do that myself or is that team radiant its thing @sdee @jomaxro

if you go to your profile there will be a banner called badges in there you can see how to get most of them.

I know.that part… but you get yo see them (beneath my name) when i write on the forum

You need to have at least moderator permissions to give someone a title.


See, thats “helpfull” as your title describes.

And then my second question. What do i need to do in order to get the “extraordinary builder” title

Well, titles are random. If users have something like “builder” or “architect” in the title is because they’ve made many gorgeous towns.

It’s been a while since we last gave titles to people, but I’ve meant to give some for certain users that I’ve seen helping more or less consistently in the forum. It’s just that is difficult to come up with original titles sometimes :disappointed_relieved:

My previous title was “Voxel Novice” :sweat_smile:

Maybe I can talk with the other moderators about this. There’s people that doesn’t care for titles on forums, but there are others that find them nice. I remember long ago, there was a day in which we opened a thread for giving titles xD
(But only for that day, and only if the titles suggested by the users respected the rules)


I find it nice to get appreciation for te work i’m doing. I can imagine there are more people who like that. So for that purpose i like titles. However, it is like you are saying, something that one person likes and others dont mind :slight_smile:

I’ll wait for that and see what’s coming :wink:

ps: go check my townships Relyss. i bet u can find them in my made topics


Hey @Relyss, allready had a talk with the moderators about this?

Wondering what came out of the talk :slight_smile:

Just a Random idea…it would take some work on the website, But it could be a community award i suppose.
(could have both really)

make some titles like…builder , great builder, master builder. or bug reporter, bug finder, bug destroyer :stuck_out_tongue:

You could then award people in the different titles the more points they get in a title the higher the rank.

Confession time:

There was a time when I really wanted a title because it seemed like everyone newer to building than I was was getting one. [I was the first one I know of to make rounded arches in a design when they added slabs, but I never really made a full town.] Then I decided to enter the Writing Workshop for a chance at a title, but we haven’t had one in a while.

I’ve never truly felt I deserved a title, so I’m not asking for you to give me one out of pity, but I’m just glad to see that there hasn’t been some conspiracy to deprive @coasterspaul of a title :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Off-topic, but it seems like Regular is the only badge or rank that can be used as a title, but no one’s using it as a title because it stands out about as well as a Generic Sign. I’ve always assumed Regular was handed out specifically here instead of what the Meta Discourse thread says about it because so few people have it. Can someone confirm?

well, there are definitely lots of people who i think deserve titles, just haven’t gotten around to asking the other mods about it…

if all else fails, just go with “helpful” or “level 1 support”, and then get @SteveAdamo to come up with something better :wink:

speaking of which, there’s a certain moderator who could probably do with a “level-up” now…

yep, we have the requirements for “Regular” changed to something impossible, so that you can only get it by manual promotion. as back in the day people who got that rank were causing lots of problems… or something like that (i wasn’t around at that point :open_mouth:)


I think it would be a great thing to recognize our stellar community members. I’m going to ask the moderators to start a discussion offline about this, see what we can come up with.


Hey again! I know it’s been a while since I said we would discuss this, so I wanted to provide an update. Well, we’re still discussing it :disappointed:. Let me share some information that will hopefully help everyone understand why this isn’t something we can just snap our fingers and do:

Currently, all titles are granted manually by moderators. This means we have to decide who we want to give a title to, what the title will be, and then apply it to the user. If you don’t like it - too bad. You can’t do anything except ask us to change it. There is a place for this type of title - users who have done extra special things for the community. We haven’t awarded titles in a long time so we’re reviewing that as part of this discussion.

The other part of the discussion is how to take the moderators out of this position and allow Discourse to give you titles itself. Turns out, this is possible with Badges. We can create badges that are granted under specific circumstances, and then allow users to use that badge as a title. This way, if you are granted the badge, you can go to your preferences and apply it. Don’t like it anymore - no problem! Go back to your preferences and change to another earned title.

We’ve been laying the groundwork to make this happen. We’ve been working on updating the formatting of titles, and talking with the Discourse team about new badge implementation. We now know how to do it technically, but would love some ideas for badges! So, what would you suggest? Keep in mind this needs to be something we can query from the database - so don’t feel bad if we let you know that your idea is great, but impossible for a computer to determine. Here’s some examples:

Bug Reporter
This badge will be awarded to users who report bugs that are confirmed by the moderator team. If create a topic in #support:bug-reports and any staff user likes it, you get this badge!

This badge is awarded to those who have reported 10 bugs!

Senior Tester
This badge is awarded to those who have reported over 20 bugs!

Dazzling Designer
This badge is awarded to a user who posts their screenshots in #gameplay and get’s over 10 likes.


There goes my dreams of being “best Psyduck” :cry:

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@jomaxro has forgotten to mention that we made a list with some people that will be getting custom titles before we implement this badge system, so don’t worry @Psyduck :wink:

Also, we want feedback on the current styling of the custom titles. Do you like the color? Is there any font that would look better? We don’t want it to catch more attention than the user name itself, but we’re open to suggestions.


I feel like Moderators should probably get a different colour title to the rest of us. I realise there is that little shield thingie going on, but its kind of easy to overlook at first.

I think using dark green for user titles would be a pretty good choice. Not quite as flashy as that of the moderators, but still one of the two main colours that are used on the website.


How about badges for mod creators. Tiers could be set up something like

Modding Newbie: Start and maintain a topic containing a new and working mod.

Knowledgeable Modder: Start and maintain at least 3 new and working mods OR maintain a mod through X number of releases.

Modding Guru: Either maintain 5 modding topics OR continue a mod’s development over the course of X alpha/beta releases

Or you could use the title of like Content Creator or something…dunno, just a thought

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This means i get a Dazzling Designer title? :smiley:

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@Relyss it was mainly a joke! :smiley: in my heart i already know im much better than all those other Psyducks around!

(edit : even better than psyduck1)

helpfull member. Achieved when 10 bug topic replys are likes
achieved when 10 support replys are likes/selected as solution

over achiever ( just a joke) 10 topics in atleast 3 category’s that have gotten 10 likes.