The Legendary Example Badge!

Looking through the Discourse files and seeing all of the amazing badge accumulation our members have acquired, I was revealed the holy grail of Discourse badge achievements.

That’s right. I speak of the mythical Example Badge.

First of all, what is it? We are given no clue as to the nature of this achievement, nor are we enlightened as to its means of accumulation. It is given no category besides “Other”, and here, it stands alone. You may compare it to that Philosopher Stone in the mirror from the first Harry Potter book…except maybe a thousand times more awesome and mysterious.

The only reference to this glorious treasure was by fellow Discourse affiliate @coasterspaul, equally mesmerized by the phantasmic revelation.

I call upon the powers of @SteveAdamo and @Geoffers747 to bless us with their clairvoyance to reveal the true nature of this, the most secretive of Stonehearth Discourse secrets, and whether any of us might be considered worthy of its glorious mantle.

…In all serious, though, it is a little fun to notice that no one’s gotten this yet.


Wait… It’s not just an example of what a custom badge would look like?


given that it is the only badge without a corresponding description, I would have to agree…

but in the interest of making it sound more mysterious, let’s just say no one has unearthed the true meaning on how it is awarded… :wink:


perhaps… just perhaps… it will be given to someone who is a very good example to the rest of the community, such as being very welcoming, never breaking a rule/guideline, helping when help is needed, etc… :wink:


I was literally going to suggest this interpretation after I finished my shower, and literally recommend someone like you–but NOWhmmmm, I don’t know, after that subtle tipping of the cards

Either that, or @SteveAdamo himself, considering all the work he puts into the Discourse (as well as moderating the chat during livestreams.


out of all the people on the discourse, he deserves it most. besides me of course :wink:


I wish I’d be eligible for such a rare award, but let’s be honest–my true contribution is writing lore and suggestions and building fancy things and working from the design side of the game to keep interest going and spirits high. Got to keep that “Master Builder” title meaning something…


Just sits in the corner pretty much still new


yes… and im just a support crab… @SteveAdamo is the official rediant fan boy, he does so much for the comunity, and he almost runs the discourse…

if this reward were to be given, it would need to be given to him.


awww, now ya done and gone made me :blush:

please… you’ve earned enough street cred to last you a lifetime, my friend… :smile:

take heart, we were all new once! :smile:


perhaps we should get TR’s thoughts… @brad @sdee what do you guys think?

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well, I wasn’t certain I could “grant” badges… mostly because I hadn’t ever thought to do so before…

turns out, I can… :smile:

glances at @8BitCrab and @Atralane


Well, while I wait to ripen and no longer be new, I’m curious as to how to invite people onto the discourse. Cause, ya know, there are other shiny badges nobody’s gotten yet and might as well get some of those while also dragging my friends to an awesome site for an awesome game.


indeed! promoter, campaigner and champion… and I too am curious as to exactly how those would be rewarded… :thought_balloon:

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i am very honored. though you seriously deserve it way more then me.

So to invite people, you need to have the Level 3 trust level, which means you need all the stuff required in this thread here.

i thought it was level 2…

If it were then I would be able to see the button and invite peeps. Since, seeing as my trust level is “Basic User,” I count as a level 2.

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not to sound rude, but your mistaken. my trust level is “member” which is trust level 2, your a “basic” which is trust level 1… :no_mouth:

Gah, the dang terms are similar here than on a forum I get on. It works on a similar 5 level process, but level 2 is Basic user >.<

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