How Does The Discourse Trust Level Work?

I have just recently noticed the “Discourse Trust Level” and I am curious to know how it works and how do you get specific ranks.

You will find a general description of the Discourse trust levels under this link. I am not sure if they are implemented 1:1 in the Stonehearth forum, as they have been added recently to my knowledge.

The trust levels were around with the beginning of the Stonehearth Discourse, but as you’ve said I’m not sure if they’re 1:1. So unfortunately I can’t cast any further light on the situation!

Ah, ok. I thought this was one of the features introduced with the transition of Discourse to the new hosting space.

Nope, was always there! Although how you get to ‘leader’ I have no idea …

I’m nearly certain that leaders aren’t currently implemented, due to both that linked thread and the following which suggests they haven’t implemented the settings yet.

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Oh man, you don’t even want to know what my time spent reading posts is.

i know… and im impressed… but you must have some sort of screen reading software running…

i call shenanigans! :smile:

Me and you. Thunderdome. Now.

Is there a way to find out how long I’ve been reading posts? also I think by now my regular looks more like hermit as I live on here,lol

im not sure if you have access to a similar screen, but we have an admin screen which shows details like Topics Entered, Posts Read and Read Time… in your case, those values are:

197 - 1566 - 11h (respectively)

cool, thank you, think 11 hours is the longest I’ve ever been on one forum :stuck_out_tongue:

My read time is probably pretty low, since I created this account only after I had read virtually everything and decided I finally wanted to start replying to things :tongue:

it looks like your sitting at 1h… but thats one hour of complete and total SH awesomeness… :rage3:

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ohhh @SteveAdamo do me, do me!
(and by that I mean ‘Topics Entered, Posts Read and Read Time’)

Unless it shows an unhealthy attachment to the forum :slight_smile:

it does indeed… welcome to the club! :wink2:

in your case, you have:
99 Topics Entered, 2099 Posts Read and 9h Read Time

I think we need to start a no-context category.

screams “off topic” to me… or, “the topic that dare not speak its name”

You seem off-topic. Get back on before I delete your post.

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how bout me? what is my "topics entered, posts read, read time"
i looked for the screen/button thing but couldn’t find it!