Is there an up2date SH community site?

Hey guys,

I’ve just looked through the available community sites to SH, but there seems to be a lack of good up2date sites.
StoneHearthGuru seems to be abandoned, has a lack of effort put into recently (@Voxel_pirate).
I was wondering if anybody is still working on something in that sector, because I absolutely hate using discourse.

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The Stonehearth reddit is fairly active /r/stonehearth and this forum are the two most active communities that I see.

StonehearthGuru seems to have several people creeping the forums; however post are few.

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i think the site was originally intended to offload most of the bug reporting traffic… when the first clients were released, it served that purpose fairly well, but the traffic started to die down and most folks returned to regularly posting their reports and feedback here…

just curious… what specifically do you find lacking with the discourse?

you do realize there is a weekly update on


Yep a link is posted here every time they make an update :slight_smile:

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I was never active in any other community page than here… and try to translate news for german players. Unfortunately my workload is overwhelming me for some time already. Need to take a break soon and think about the future of as it is hard for me to manage it at the moment.


I just dislike the way discourse is working. It’s so messy in my opinion.

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Oh i see, that’s unfortunate :frowning:
I personally liked

:cry: Whyyyy!!!


Oh my god man.
That surely entertained me well!