Welcome | Rules & Guidelines: PLEASE READ THIS FIRST!

Welcome aboard!

First of all, **welcome aboard**! :smile:

You’ve arrived at the Stonehearth Discourse. This forum is comprised of folks who are fans and supporters of the Stonehearth game, currently in development by Radiant Entertainment.

Getting Started

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the forum, as it is rather different (in a good way!) than what most are familiar with.

For some tips-and-tricks and general background information on the Discourse, take a look at these links:




Discourse User Interface

While the UI is fairly intuitive, and this information is always available when you “mouse over” a particular icon, we thought this might prove helpful in getting users acclimated to the Discourse:

  • 1) Filter topics by category

  • 2) Filter topics by tag

  • 3) Topic list sorted by activity date

  • 4) Topics created in the last few days (can customize in preferences)

  • 5) Topics you are currently watching or tracking with unread posts

  • 6) The most active topics in the last year, month, week or day

  • 7) All threads grouped by categories

  • 8) Search topics, users or categories

  • 9)

  • 10)

  • 11) Create a new topic, start the discussion!

We hope you enjoy your stay here, but there are a few housekeeping items we would like to review first:

Rules & Guidelines

Golden Rule: Be "family friendly"

We’re fostering a family friendly community around Stonehearth, and as such, we expect the members to conduct themselves accordingly. Please be respectful and courteous to your fellow members, and as the old addage goes, if you have nothing polite to say, don’t say anything at all. :wink:

We do of course encourage healthy conversations, but ask you to refrain from letting conversations devolve into heated conflicts. Offenders will of course be given a polite warning, but subsequent offenses could result in a loss of forum privileges, and if excessive, banning. Trolling, provoking other forum members, excessive foul language, and general obnoxiousness will all be considered as violations of this rule.

Please remember - you can be critical of ideas and you can disagree with what one member is saying, but make sure your response is mature, courteous, and constructive. Constructive criticism that furthers a discussion will never be removed (unless it is of course offensive).

Guideline #1: Search before you post

There are no rules against “resurrecting” an existing thread. Having a single hundred paged thread on a suggestion will always be preferred to having a hundred single paged threads on the same subject. New threads about pre-existing topics will either be merged or immediately locked. Please do use the search function, as it is very effective!

Guideline #2: Create new threads in their respective categories

This one is self-explanatory. Off-topic threads will be moved, and please only post one topic per thread. If you have multiple points to make that are not related and have not already been posted, please make a new thread for each topic you want to discuss.

Guideline #3: Read the "stickies"

These threads are typically created because they contain useful information that will help reduce forum clutter, or keep you informed about major game related events and information. Please read them before creating a new topic, as you might find your question has already been answered.

Guideline #4: Do's and Dont's

Do stay on topic.
Don’t post single word posts or double posts (just edit your last post).
Don’t scam other members.
Don’t post downloads for hacks or games.
Don’t ask for a download of this game.
Don’t discuss piracy of any sort.
Don’t pursue personal arguments within a thread.
Do use the PM system to report issues with members OR moderators.
Don’t “bump” threads or repeatedly post single word comments.
DO enjoy your time on the forums! :+1:

Guideline #5: Reporting

If you see something wrong, please report it. Please click the flag at the bottom of a post to alert the moderators if there appear to be any issues. Help us keep folks in line by reporting things that don’t follow our rules and guidelines. Please don’t respond directly to individuals who are overtly causing chaos.

That’s all folks… welcome once again to the Stonehearth community!

If you need any help or have any questions/concerns over this material, feel free to PM the moderators: @moderators.

We look forward to having a healthy discourse with you! :smile: :+1:

Thanks for taking the time to read the house rules. And with that, enjoy the forums! :slight_smile: