{WIP} Playable Undead


And the ribcage is HOLLOW! :DDDD


Heyho the best is to use voxelshop. So you can Name the layer and also load an original File to Check the Position. If you need help load it up on github and send the link :wink:


I can accomplish the exact thing in Qubicle, but thank you for the suggestion.

Fixed models. Positions and aesthetics.


Looks great :smiley: FLEEESSSHHH xD


I originally thought that I’d make the meat a five-stage, and the fifth would be rotten, and harvestable… and then thought about how zobies are always looking for LIVING things to eat. So, I decided against the rotten. However, the typical “rotten staged” foods (stage 12) may just be harvestable anyway, and have their own baskets. Since it’s not like its going to upset their stomachs. xD


i think the rotten thing is the correct way because the yearn only for living things because they walk ^^ they will eat all and in lots of zombiemovies you see that the love rotten food xD


That looks great!

I was going to suggest making it so the trapper’s knife is made from bone (as in its original description) and then I wondered how skeletons would feel about using bone stuff. That’s something you’ll have to sort out if you include them along with the zombies.


For the moment I’m focusing solely on zombies, but adding the skeletons shouldn’t be an issue. Just list them as separate bodies with matching heads.
A comment was made before about working on github, but I’m honestly not familiar with it’s workings, even if I’ve been signed up for over a year. xD As it stands, this project is expanding VERY quickly, and I may require help with even the simplest things because of the sheer size of the changes. Editing the original post to include planned features.


kinda hate to bump this,

but how goes the mod progress? any progress made or has “life” taken your time as of late?




hey there @Brazil_life, please follow the “rules and guidelines”, keep it family friendly and watch your language, thanks :slightly_smiling:


I had a long talk with Me, Myself, and my girlfriend, and finally, an update. At this time, I’ll be putting this on the back burner. Call it suspended, call it abandoned, call it what you will. I intend on coming back to it when Stonehearth gets a little further along in development, and I get a little more fluid with coding and workflow. Until then, I’ll be working on my knowledge of scripting.
Sorry for anyone who was excited, but if others don’t pick it up, I’ll be back before beta hits. xD


alright, thanks for the update. :slightly_smiling:

i look forward to the return of you and your mod, barring disaster, i will be waiting :wink:


I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaack.


Hows the mod coming alone, any update?


Considering I was ‘gone’ doing other things, there isn’t any update on the mod itself. But the news is that I’m picking it up again, as of tonight. So, with a little refresher on how (the unholy h-) to use Qubicle, I should have most of the main modeling done relatively soon.
I was gone so long I thought I may have missed the beta release… only to find that Stonehearth has moved forward a whopping .03 since I left it. xD


In case anyone payed attention to the subject post, the crops have changed in an undisclosed way… They were terrible models, and I wanted to go in a different direction with them. So they’re now body parts, not just an assortment of flesh/bone/whatever. The Mostly Dead (the settlers, Princess Bride reference) will grow organs/limbs to eat/cook.
Mind you, this is terrible for workflow because I should really focus on quick iterations of the mod, with polish at the end. But, most everything else is just copying/editing scripts anyway… aside from the whole animating thing. Results pending on that.
Anyway, this was just a friendly update for anyone watching this mod. Cheers and happy Yule.


want this!..


glad to hear the mod is back in action. i wish you the best with the mod and hoped you had a happy new year


Something very disturbing, yet fun, would be what you could do with a shepherd. Humans crawling on all 4s? Can harvest flesh like a sheep does wool, or slaughter them to get body parts. Reproduction might be a stretch though… This is a bit too creepy to invest the time in I think, but still, it’s…interesting.