Call for Suggestions: Mason Recipes!


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Wouldn’t it be epic to make just a regular statue and… wait for it…
Scale it up so much that it is 2 cliff’s high :smile:

Saw in the last stream a scale function. Would be fun to see a little statue from the workbench become this huge titan!


Tom did say a fully leveled up class would be able to craft crazy stuff, (Carpenter could craft a giant totem) so maybe this could be the mason version!


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Stone counter-top,
Stone Desk
Stone Pot (like, cauldron style- for plants)
Stone Monument (larger then normal placeable monuments that are built on site and can’t be moved (only destroyed) Think Washington Monument or GIANT statues/fountains-)
Stone Bookshelf
Stone Shelves (in general)
Stone Well Frame (needs to be dug out when placed)
Stone Idol
Stone Grinder Mill (Think windmills- used for refining wheat.)

Also, I would love it if the mason could take other stone objects found only in ruins- take them back to his workshop and try to replicate it. Depending on the difficulty and his level if could have say, 10-80% chance of success- if he succeeds you can build as many as you want in future- if he fails it breaks. That way we could slowly unlock other options in building beyond simple leveling and collect rare and cool furnishings from underground or in enemy camps or whatever.


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don’t know if this was already said but, how about stone windows?


Just one concept listed so far–I’m not sure if we’ve seen it modeled yet. We might also get another version or two later on, but it might just be this one for Alpha 7 in the near future.

  1. Stone Carin (Possible random terrain generation)
  2. Stone Column
  3. Stone Oven/Kiln
  4. Pet Rock
  5. Stone Henge Like Structure. (possible random terrain generation)
  6. Millstone
  7. Decorative Stone sword
  8. Garden Gnome
  9. Geode - Decorative, would be placeable, but require very large amounts of stone to craft (To simulate looking for the correct rock)
  10. Stone Rimmed Flower Bed


for those that may have missed one or more of the live streams… :smile:

Dev Stream, voxel modelling the Mason, etc - 1 / 2

Dev Stream, voxel modelling the Mason, etc - 2 / 2

Stonehearth, Making Mason recipies! - 1 / 2

Stonehearth, Making Mason recipies! - 2 / 2


Oh, and a cairn: if a hearthling dies above a certain altitude then workers make his grave out of ‘pile of stone bricks’ if there is no stone bricks then they have no grave (blanket over corpse?, corpses don’t really fit in with the theme of stonehearth). This would bring the happiness down.