Higher Level of Authority

How do you obtain a higher level of trust and authority on the forums? I was moderator on quite a few sites, but all of that only matters if I can achieve a higher status on The Stonehearth Forums!

the forums have 5 levels of users:

  • new
  • basic
  • regular
  • leader
  • elder

and the application requires a certain number of views, reads, posts to advance from basic to regular user (someone quoted the numbers not too long ago… dont recall where)…

as for becoming a moderator, well… that has more to do with your willingness to commit long and arduous hours to “the cause”… you have to be dedicated, motivated… have a winning personality… and above all else, incriminating evidence against @Tom


Well firstly Discourse itself has user levels, as far as I know the higher levels aren’t enabled yet, maybe this is fixed in the next upgrade.

As for being an actual moderator, @SteveAdamo and I haven’t quite decided on the hazing and interrogation process required to earn such a ranking.

In actual seriousness it really boils down to maturity, common sense, being friendly and helpful, and being awesome, between us I think @SteveAdamo and I tick 0.4 of those boxes. We have a few people in mind for future moderator suggestions come closer to the beta


I know from being an admin for my own discourse forum that you are able to see all users, and their trust level. Would you mind telling me mine?

looks like you’re currently a basic user…

And just to add there is currently no one above a regular user.

the Elder user status reminds me of the tittle from F^^^^.net XD

Wait! I was promised super premium cool guy status for certain… favors. Was that all just a lie, Geoffers?! I feel so dirty…

Also, hey, you changed your avatar.

welcome to the club my friend…

no, seriously… we meet on Tuesdays at Chili’s…

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Well then, how many more posts, views, likes, etc. would I need to get to regular, or even leader? You enjoy me don’t you @SteveAdamo? Don’t you enjoy my company, my personality, my questions (like these few)?

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Yes, yes it was. A terrible, dirty, heinous lie. But thank you for the pictures.

Yer, @voxel_pirate was getting really upset about how he found it difficult to distinguish a few people’s avatars. Naturally I changed it to avoid an international incident and protect the very fragile relationship we have.

I don’t think it’s currently possible to get above regular user, @SteveAdamo and I tried abusing our modly powers by placing ourselves in those higher user levels and it just kept throwing up errors. So, unfortunately you just gotta keep on truckin’.

@voxel_pirate provided a handy link to the whole thing over at the meta.discourse, so check that out :smile:

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I thought regular was enabled, but that requires flagging a post, and I don’t think I’ve seen any posts worth flagging yet…

Regular requires liking a post not flagging a post. Try that.

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I swear I read read that you have to flag a post, but maybe I was wrong.

Is there some way for @SteveAdamo and @Geoffers747 to check on my progress on upgrading to the next trust level?

That was proposed for the level above regular. You might just have to wait a bit now but I think you match all the criteria, can’t really tell though.

Regular is enabled, but that’s the highest that is at the moment.

You are now classed a ‘regular user’. If you go on your profile and look on the left hand side it tells you, just below all of your activity.

actually, im not sure the “common folk” can see that… can you? common folk? :smile:

Yes sir, confirmed for see-able

Nope :disappointed:.

We common people see only…

Web Site:
Created At:
Last Post:
Last Seen:
Trust Level:

… but no statistics.