Need some help? Page a moderator!

Hey there Stonehearth fans! Ever feel like you need some help on the forums, but aren’t quite sure who to ask for help? Ever find a topic that is a duplicate, or appears in the wrong category? Did you use to pick a moderator at random to mention in your post, hoping they can give you a hand?

Well, we have great new for you! Thanks to the recent improvements in group messaging by the Discourse Developers, you can now mention @moderators in your posts to alert the entire team all at once! That means you no longer have to worry about guessing who is the best person to give you a hand, we will all see your post, and whoever is best equipped to respond will.

In addition to being able to publicly mention the moderators, you can also reach out to the team via a private message if you need to chat with us privately.

— The Moderators


Would be nice, if potentially annoying for the team, if there was a @radiant.