When am i not Tagged as a new member anymore?

When am i not Tagged as a new member anymore since i want to make a post with more then one image.

Help would be appreciated! :smiley:

I don’t know what kind of member I am right now. If I’m no longer a new member, you should prolly do the same stuff as I did.

You’re a “basic user” already, according to your profile, so you should already be able to do that. For more details:


i know thanks anyways i just forgot to look in my profile XD

If you’re in need, you can call moderators (preceded by @) and we’ll bump your user level :slight_smile:
I usually give user level 1 any time I see someone with level 0 has reported a bug, because they might need to upload more files like screenshots or saves.

I think you can know your level based on your badges. In the link @coasterspaul posted there’s the name of the badges.