Forum marking screenshots as spam

You guys probably changed some sort of forum setting to set posts with screenshots from imgur as spam.

You should not do that.

You can upload images directly, after you have enough posts here.

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I think that it’s built in with the Discourse forum. It’s not only imgur, but any new user posting too many links to the same domain will get flagged automatically by the system, which considers that as spam.

We’re really sorry for that, and we unflag any post that is clearly not spam, because new users need to upload their pictures and logs, etc. I’ll take a look to see if at least we could disable it for imgur and other common hosting websites. :disappointed_relieved:

When you have visited a certain amount of topics, written/liked some posts and spent some time at the forum, the system won’t consider you as a new user any more and you can upload directly the pictures here, as @phector2004 says.

Edit: seems it’s not that easy to change… :sweat: But then, it’s not that difficult to become a basic user, and anyway moderators will review the flagged posts quickly.