Question on: reply and posting and snapshot limits and ranking?


I am not sure where such a topic belongs but I have a question regarding the following:

i) How can the posting/replying limit be out grown/ grow out of it / is it a permanent limit of 19 replies per day? Does it stay after the first 24 hrs?

ii) How is it possible to be able to post more than one picture/snapshot?

iii) How does the ranking system, if it is a system work vis-a-vis profiles?

I am sure I am not/will not be the only one to have such/similar questions - if anyone has others, reply them below.

Sorry if it seems like a rant - Thanks for whoever has the answer (wont be able to reply the thanks as I hit the limit and have a some hrs left)

  • Lord Governor
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Going in order of implied questions and explicit questions:

There’s a “meta” section for comments, queries and suggestions about the Discourse forum. You can probably move the thread there yourself if you want, or ask a mod to do so… I’m not sure if you’ll have the move option as a new user though. Either way, it’s useful to acquaint yourself with the different forum areas – there’s heaps of cool content tucked away in unexpected corners of the Discourse :merry:

As for question i), your limits will naturally grow/increase as you take part in activities within the community. Newer users are, unfortunately, capped lower purely to prevent spam. Fortunately though, you’ll rank up pretty quickly if you’re active; and the moderators can extend permissions if you need to post many images or something like that.

(Some friendly advice, on the assumption that your question is regarding your photo-journal idea – if I may be so bold, I’d suggest you limit your posts to one major update on that thread every day, and save up material to get a good long streak going. That way you’ll have plenty of other posts to take part in other discussions, and it will help you create good discipline to post powerful, narrative images so your story keeps a cracking pace. I’ve tried… oh, it must be over a dozen times now to post a photo journal of a town-in-progress, and every time I run into the issue of having hundreds of screenshots with very little town progress to show for it. I end up either getting bored with the story, or being overtaken by a new alpha and starting the story of a new town to take advantage of that alpha’s new features. If you think within the mindset of having a limited number of pictures to show your story unfolding, it will prompt you to be more creative with your words and to make your pictures more powerful as a result; and hopefully allow you to crank out material more quickly as well :wink: )

The answer question ii) was kind of included above: either rank up, or ask a mod for help. You can search for the “moderators” user group and page one of them, or send them a private message explaining the situation.

For question iii), it’s basically a way to keep track of activity within the community. Long-term members who are active a lot will naturally attain a high rank with little effort, so it helps the developers to tell who among the community is contributing regularly. Back when the community was smaller, it was a great way to help pick out the leaders who were shaping the community and to recognise their efforts. Now, we have hundreds of leaders and tons of awesome content; so the system doesn’t have as much of a visible impact. However, it’s still a pretty good way to keep track of your own activity. I’m the first to admit that once I saw the “goals”/achievements, I became more excited to keep taking part and clock up those shiny milestones hahah!

In short, if you take part and have fun you’ll find you quickly fit into the discussions and you’ll be able to participate more and more; the background systems will step back and let you take your place as an “experienced” member of the community. It seems a bit draconian and complex to impose these limits on newbies just for being new; but then, the alternative is something like the Steam forums where there’s nothing to foster discussion other than posters’ good will. That can work still work out beautifully of course, but it doesn’t always; Discourse’s systems are designed to gently promote a sort of open and active dialogue (i.e. talking to each other) rather than people talking at each other.

So, welcome to the Discourse! You’ve just endured one of my (in)famous walls of text, but if you have any other questions I’ll try to give more specific answers… assuming that the other forumgoers don’t beat me to it heheh. You’ll find we’re a friendly bunch here, and I look forward to seeing you around :merry:



First of all, thank you very much for the welcome.

Secondly, thank you for all the information and knowledge imparted in your “wall of text” - I really like such walls tbh haha.
(not being sarcastic, i mean it, thx)

Thirdly, I am exited to start cranking up that story - I am tempted to put a teaser or something before I start it in the introduction - It’s quite a complex thing - my notes and stuff are on the verge of becoming a fully fledged script!

Fourth, thanks for the heads up on the meta section thing!

Fifth, I agree with you on the thing about the forum rules and the dry (imo) steam forums

Lastly, thanks again - I already see this place being very home-y - this is the first such forum I am participating in, although I have been following the game since alpha 8/9 - alpha 11/12 when I bought it (wanted to see if the developers were committed, as I almost bitten by people taking my cash twice - so, [now I’ve spent 3hrs shy of 100hrs playing] I’d like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to the very dedicated team we have (big fan of your YT uploads).

Once again, THANKS YetiChow!


Welcome @LordGovernorGeneral!

Most limits are removed after 24-hours and when you reach trust level 1 (the Basic badge). Looks like you’ve already done both, so you should be good there. For security and spam prevention, there are always some rate limits. It’s quite rare to run into them, as they’re at a level that you would not see them frequently. Taking a quick glance - I don’t see a limit on replies after reaching TL1.

You can find all the details on Trust Levels over on Meta.

Reach TL1, which you already did.

I’m assuming by “ranking system” you’re talking about the trust level system. The link above should give most details, but of course feel free to ask about anything that’s unclear. Keep in mind that trust levels aren’t designed to be a “competition”, so don’t look at them as such. With normal participation, TL1 is typically reached within hours, TL2 within a month.

As @YetiChow mentioned, the Meta category is the correct place for discussions about the forum itself. Don’t ever worry about questions “seeming like a rant” - Discourse (the forum software) is certainly different than a traditional forum, so questions are expected. Also, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team by mentioning @moderators in a post. If you need to discuss something privately, you can also send the group a message, or flag a post.


Thank you very much for the welcome and the help!. I greatly appreciate your help!

:sunny: :slight_smile: :sunny:

thanks again!

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