My Feedback regarding the Forum

Hi everybody, I`m new to this Forum!

According to this Page

I am one of those “New Folks” you were adviced to welcome friendly :laughing:

So here are my first two first impressions regarding this forum:

I really like the concept you purpose with the Badges.
Of Course most Members try to collect as many as possible.

I had collected the “Autobiographer” Badge when I filled out some Stuff on the Profile Page.
Then I deleted it (Location and Name) and the Badge was gone. But now, when I fill out this Lines again (for testing purposes) the Badge wont be shown again. Maybe a Bug or smth.

Dont get me wrong, its not that I want this Badge, its just that I want to tell you guys about a possible bug :wink:

You REALLY need to implement an “image tag” button in the editing area.

This would save you a LOT of disk space, because i gues most ppl. do upload their pictures.
And as i saw the html img tag is working fine here!
(otherwise you would not see the linked pictures)


Welcome, @irgendjemand! I like your name :smile:

Thanks for the feedback! Hope to see you around a lot more.

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I always try to get this name when registering somewhere, but mostly its already assigned.
And thanks, I like youre Avatar:


Hm… well… ok… Friendly Welcome in that case :wink:.

Issues or suggestions regarding the forum you can best post under the “meta”-forum. Or (if you like the forum software in general and you want to support the development, just visit their home)… @SteveAdamo or @Relyss, are our friends from Discourse still hanging around here?

Regarding pictures the forum is very clever. You can simply post the link into your thread and it will show up as a picture in the post. So no need to care about uploads.

P.S. Das Willkommen war ehrlich gemeint… wirklich :smile:.


Hey @irgendjemand and welcome to the forum :smiley:

Feel free to introduce yourself here:

Also i am a bit confused what you mean about this:



well, voxelpirate already solved it:

i have just been very stupid :confused:
I also tried to explain it as good as i can … in english … :speak_no_evil:

Regarding the Intro: maybe ill write down a few words there …

Thought I did look at all Categories, seems as I didnt … thanks!

:blush: :thumbsup:


Ah that :slight_smile: you can also just drag the picture into the text area then it will upload automaticly.

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yes, for dummys, and i wasnt able to do even one of those things, well maybe im too old or to stupid :hushed:
BUT at least i was able to use html tags :sunglasses:

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Ahem… the picture button is the same for non-picture files: the arrow :arrow_up:

Meaning “upload” and it lets you upload a file among the supported types. You can even paste an URL of an image and it will upload it (generating an image tag). As other people said, dragging or pasting directly the url will also work.

About the badge issue, if it’s a bug of Discourse forums it’s better to leave a message under the Meta category, and sysadmins can take a look into it.

Also, welcome to the forum, @irgendjemand ! :smile:


I dont know if the bug was solved or somebody just gave me the badge manually, but I think this thread can be closed now.

thanks for all the help!