September Spam Attack

Unfortunately i guess they dont know the community too well that, none is even gonna use them lol.

It’s gonna kinda suck, that yall might have to go Invite only to forums if it persist.

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Better to have it invite only than this… Or maybe you can make it in a way that you have to purchase the game to use the forum? Dunno how it would work with steam though…

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All good and agreed,(kids read these forums too lol) thanks :slight_smile:

or raise the “human check” level more? since this seems automated. (one account posts 3 messages, 1-2 minutes apart)

Or is there a policy that allows something like no posting within the first xxx (time duration) of registration. It may not prevent automated spams totally, but at least it will be controlled and there may be early signs (like large number of randomly generated account names)


Maybe implement an algorithm like soundex (just for look-alike letters) to find website adresses. Otherwise I agree with @sphr. There are well-known solutions to this already.

I like this idea the best, as in register with your copy of the game. that way you only get one forums acct, and if you spam u can be banned for it, and can not just go make another

Edit: I know people want to come on here and make comments w/o a copy and that is where invite only can come from as in ask TR or someone on the forums to invite you. totally eliminates this issue

and if some crazy guy actually buy a 100 stonehearth games to make 100 accounts to spam and get all banned in 1 day… hmm… I like it… :slight_smile:

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Haha, I like that comment :smiley:

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If that is the case, SOMEONE will become a well-paid spam killer. @8BitCrab

just wondering why all those spams are above sticky posts. Seems to me a forum hack?

I know Project Zomboid had similar problems and they indeed had to fix it with linking to your steam account.

yeah linking the steam acct could be a fix, but not always a way to do it, as steam acct are free to make

it probably won’t stop a determined spammer.

But it may be enough to stop the casual ones. e.g. make them go look for “easier pasture”, rather than to mass create yet another account type just to spam this forums…

well, unless the spammer has a personal grudge against stonehearth… :wink:

EDIT: just to suggest: before we try all the “costly” methods, maybe just adding a delay before rights to post after account creation would help.

e.g. cannot post for 1 day right after account creation. (if there is such a setting).

at least it will be faster/cheaper, while we consider more long term precautions (which can go in parallel)

It might look, but I see that any time there are new posts to show on the main page (I think it only refreshes that part, so new posts appear on top).

There are more spam posts that what you are seeing, we’re trying to take care of them asap.


Are you all talking about the weird foreign wall of text that seems to pop up now and then when refreshing reading list?

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Yes. Although we’re receiving also some random non-korean spam :confused:

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I think it is a trick. they create random post out of non korean text, then “edit” the post and replaced the content later?

EDIT: maybe a temporary stopgap measure is to disable new account registration for a while?

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Frankly I just don’t understand the purpose of such attacks, isn’t like this is some radical political or social site, just don’t understand the notion really.

I think they are ads for gamble sites.

Except those posts with just “asgfdskafjdhsfjksdakj” as title / content. Those look more like attempts to post.

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thank you for the hard work :slight_smile: