Only 10 words (forum game)

Ack. My first forum game was to complex and my second was destroyed. But heres my third. Each person puts down 10 words, and then the next, and then the next, etc. So an example would be
I went to the store to eat some cheese and
(Next person)
then I decided to explode but I failed and so
(Next person)
Radient Entertainment decided to ban me because I was a
(Next person)
superman who stuffed his face because of a nuke that

you get the idea.
Here are the rules:
No posting after you just posted
No spamming
Plz follow the rules and don’t end up… like… saying: “I’m sorry, but you should not do this anymore” Or something, cuz that’s happened more than once.
The story must make grammatical sense but not logical sense.
A period may only be put in every 5 sentences.
I can double post cuz I’m owner

This should end up hilarious, and I hope you enjoy! I’ll start.

Once I decided to randomly explode because I stuffing my

Apple pie with toxins that wiped out all the dinosaurs

Because they all developed a horrible case of the bends.

The bends made the dinosaurs do backbends and become fluffy

Thus, the first signs of a new life, Living Walnuts!

Then the living walnuts evolved into undead walnuts that ate

Only the finest of burnt grapes, soaked in pure vinegar

even though I was severely allergic and grossed out by

people who use the word like more than in a

poem, which led to the very beginning of world hunger

such as that in ZOmbrEAlanD(sic) may sometimes occur in many

critically acclaimed games of jeopardy, involving strange cheesepuffs and more.

Although the cheesepuffs left many people sick, so then the

wild ManOfRet got very mad his post was recently skipped

And told @Prof_Crafter that posting twice was not allowed in

BUT, on the bright side, it actually ended up working

And developing a rice-cracker so strong that it broke the

mushrooms off of a large underhanging tree in massively huge

Broke the rules and said EvanX3oooo could post twice while