Rules of the Stonehearth Community [Forum Game]

In this Forum Game, just state a rule preceding the rule. It can be as arbitrary and senseless as you want it to be (Glares at @SteveAdamo). Example:

Rule # -2

Don’t eat food.

Rule # -1

Yammy yammy.

Have fun, and don’t be too creative!

Rule #0: All further rules are to be approved by @RepeatPan.

Rule #1

Patient Number 583748 has escaped out of facility 483-A. Please attend to him immediately, lets he obtain a vessel that may access the internet.

I have no idea what you’re trying to say here, but I’ll give it a shot!

Rule #2: Escaped patients shall not be attended to.

My bureaucratic powers cannot be comprehended by mere Rets. :wink:

Basically, Rule one goes to rule 2, and 3, and, 4, and 5… y’know.

Rule #3 … said escaped patients are to more fully explain the rules of this game…

This is an attempt to unleash the simmering frustrations of the people and make a pathetic grab for control in a forum dominated by evil, ruthle-

Sorry, sorry. I do want my ration cards this week…

I think I already won this thread, didn’t I?

That being said, all your rules have been denied.


Let this NOT be a repeat of the Rehab thread…

EDIT: Aaaaand

Rule #4

This thread will not be dominated by power hungry dictators.

Rule #5: Rule #4 is hereby void.

I declare rule #5 (“Rule #4 is void”) as valid and therefore rule #4 (“no power hungry dictators”) as void.

There are no “power hungry dictators”. Democracy is the highest good in GLODEPERANT.

Rule #6: Rule #0 may not be changed, removed or altered in any way and will remain valid for the whole game and beyond.

Rule #7: No skipping rule numbers. (ehehehe Irony)

Rule #8: I declare rule #7 (“no number skipping”) as valid, will investigate into @ManOfRet’s motives further however. Expect to not see him around for a while.

Rule #9: Rule #0 (“All rules are to be approved by @RepeatPan”) is to be the first rule of all consequent forum games that resemble this type of game.

Good. I think I’ve secured my power made a good foundation so everyone can enjoy this game!

I think I need to lead a proletarian revolution again, ugh. It’s so messy.

Rule #10: Karl Marx cannot and has never been able to exist in this realm.

Rule number 11: You must always write out numbers.

Rule #12:

@ManOfRet dislikes @LordNevs

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Rule number 13: You don’t have to follow Rule 11 for prime numbers. Twelve is not prime.

Rule #14: When @Swift_Cube is correct (which he was just now), @DinoD123 must correct his grammar (which wasn’t correct).

Rule fifteen: No matter the correctness of the grammar, you must follow the rule, as long as it is understandable.

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(Each bar is 2%)