'Alphabet' (Forum game)

I see a lot of forum games at the moment. So I think I’ll start my own.

Some people propably watched a show called Whose Line is it Anyway, where everything is made up and the points don’t matter. Some games from this show could be used also as forum games.

So as a test, let’s start with Alphabet. There are the rules.

  • Max two sentences per post
  • Every post must start on next letter of the alphabet (example below).

Finally, I have finished the Game!
Good, but you still lost the Game.
How it is even possible?
I dunno, Maybe there was something in your drink…

  • When last post was started with Z, next post starts with A. Just to continue.

Hope we can do it. :slight_smile:
First post after this will determine the starting letter.


Lets start the alphabet game!

“Mark your words”, I presume? :wink:

Now for something completely different.

Oh, I see - you have an idea about the subject of our game? :slight_smile:

Perhaps we do, maybe we don’t!


Quiet, fool, you have been NINJA’D!

Really? Again? What’s with people doing that?

Stupid man, you should just go home!

That hurt - that really hurt. :broken_heart:

Unless you straighten up, there will be no remorse, no slip in discipline.

unfortunately so, @ManOfRet is a cruel, cruel man…

Wait a sec - what happened between you two!?

xylophones were playing in the background, and i was ninja posted by @ManOfRet

Yes, but they were arguing only about the xylophones?

zippedy-doo-dah! i believe you are correct!

Absolutely, dear Steve :wink:

But…but…you missed out ‘V’…

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Could you explain what that lack o ‘V’ means in your opinion? :wink: