Meanwhile in the Team Radiant Kitchen

A giant container of Cheese Balls was perhaps not the best nutritional purchase, no, but at least @Pepe’s pirates are getting something out of it!


Yarr. That be some mighty fine plunder.


er. mah. gawd! I forgot how absolutely adorable @Pepe’s creations were! :smile: :+1:

for those who may be unaware, @Pepe is a modeling super-genius! and makes all sorts of really cool things


I question the purchase of Cheeseballs but buying @Pepe’s stuff is always a good thing to do!

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for some reason, i pictured team radiant as more of a cheez-whiz group

Ah, but cheese balls, you can eat with a fork. For our next act, maybe we’ll make a solar system model!


Please tell me someone on the team has better nutritional sense than this. I like cheese balls too, but Team Radiant needs to feed their brains, not just their stomachs.

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I’m not sure what to tell you; I mean, they are sitting in the kitchen.


Is the plan with them to make that shark in the water so fat with cheeseballs that it sinks to the bottom and therefore making the water around the ship inhabitable?


its ok… I’ve consulted with Jason, the nutritionist at my gym… he assures me cheese balls are on his short list of supper foods…

in fact, he was so compelled to get this point across, and espouse the virtues of cheeseballs, that he sent along this snapshot from his upcoming book: Cheese Balls … They ARE a Super Food. Really.

p.s. he really does have lovely blonde hair…


That’s funny, but a Snickers bar has more nutritional content that those cheese balls. Nuts and cocoa are both super foods, as are fish, and berries.

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I work at a nutrition company… and I can tell you a million better things to eat as well.

However, I am also a programmer. And nothing beats a whole bunch of junk food and a soda pop while you’re coding.



i dont believe you know such a guy… stares very hard into @SteveAdamo soul

Why not both? Cover the cheese balls with cheez whiz …


High cholesterol binge diet anyone?

Whilst the idea of cheez-whiz seems entirely deplorable I believe in this insttance it would make a good ‘sea’.


Arr matey! Thar be booty across the table!

This is very true…
So so true…

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I may be hung on a tree for this but . . .

I never actually had cheese balls.

Same as cheese puffs, like Cheetos, but different shape. There can be huge differences in texture and taste between different brands. When I eat cheese puffs, almost never anymore, I am very selective about the brand because I really want an optimal experience.

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