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I understand you have other things in the works. I hope you didn’t mind me asking as it was just a thought. :smile:


is the lumberjack in the mod currently? or is it still in the works?


LOL no not at all! Actually just playing with my local mods to make sure the pavers are good to post.


Yes the lumberjack is in the game. He still comes too often (every dang day) so I need to tweek him but it also helps when you want to build other furniture.


wait, I am confused.

Is this not a class you can have hearthlings become? maybe its just me but I cant seem to see him.


It is not a class :slightly_smiling_face:. It more of an event (like the traders), the lumberjack visits you often and brings different log types :evergreen_tree::deciduous_tree::palm_tree::cactus:.



Makes sense, for a second I thought yall made a class that did nothing but chop trees, with no backpack, but great speed.

And a class taht required a weaver outfit, that makes a hearthling a “transporter” that look slike a backpack, and all they do is move stuff from here to there.

I kinda want a stockpile for building resources, so they dont have to walk ALL THE WAY to the wooden storage for every block of wood they use.


I noticed that the Lumberjack trader arrives at the same time as new hearthlings join… Thats a bit anoying… Maybe move it just an hour or two? :wink:


FINALLY fixed. I’m pretty sure :wink: . I kept changing it in the wrong place.

Updated! Probably won’t add new content to this for a while as I am going to focus on completing the Armis Maximus mod’s black and white set. Then I need to add in my fine signs in Signery before coming back and finishing the fine items for Finery. Hope you enjoy.


is it not possible to make the trophies act like a storage unit? I’d love to actually store a weapon as a mantle piece in a hearthlings house and have them grab it when needed, that would be pretty rad. I suppose it would also require ownership like beds so its probably a bit complicated


I have thought about that as well for both the trophy stands and the display stands. The idea would have been to make them single storage crates that would only accept certain items and then display either that object or the objects iconic form. Unfortunately I’m not much of a scripter but there are a bunch of different issues with size and ownership. Honestly there are odd issues anyway. Like if you put something on top of one of the display stands and then undeployed the stand it takes the item on top of it as well. Initially I thought the item would fall or hang in the game but it wasn’t. The I expected it to be gone when the stand was redeployed but it isn’t. Really don’t know what is going on in the code on the backside with that but it is cool.


Yea i guess it is the same with crates. If you have a building with crates in it and the crates are filled with items. Then if you demolish the building the crates will go to the storagezone as crates, but they are still filled with all the stuff…

Nice touch with the new edgers :slight_smile:


yeah just only allow that single item only, I imagine a filter like better stockpiles would be necessary so that only the exact item you want will be allowed to be physically stored on it

why not bypass the display stand entirely then? I could actually build a mantle in my house design that I would place it on, just like a fireplace/chimney so you can eliminate the need for a display stand entirely.

alternatively you could make a generic weapon rack that only accepts weapons and has a slot for each weapon type available, or a weapon rack for each class. this might actually be the easiest and most practical thing to do?
then I could not allow them to be stored in any other stockpile, forcing the weapon rack to be used


hey @stonemonkey, I was kinda wondering if you can split this mod into parts with a parent mod, like let say, the parent mod contains the trader and the essentials while the child mods are split into types of trees (acacia, oak, etc.) or types of objects (container, furnishes, decors, etc.)

It’s okay if not, just my opinion.

I love your mod btw :merry:, thumbs up :+1: keeping it updated and adding fresh addons actively.
but my issue is my builders UI is overcrowded because of different variations of objects.

If only there is a mod for sorting/hide/show objects by materials, type, availability, etc.

looking forward to this…


Splitting up a mod is actually significantly more difficult than you would think :slight_smile: as I did that for my armor and sign mods. You can sort recipies by name but not by other tags although that would be cool.



does the paver effect change anything? or is it just a visual aspect?


Just visually pleasing for the soul. Just out of curiosity…what would it change?


sorry for the trouble, thanks btw… :+1:


LOL no trouble at all. Thanks for the feed back. Please keep posting!


It could always change the movementspeed for the hearthlings i guess? :slight_smile: