Share a city from A22.5!

I love the swamp biome! This is a great build.


So I’m still working on getting the city completed, but here are some screenshots of what I have so far.


I would share my world, I just accidentally deleted an awesome castle I designed because I clicked “Load Game” instead of “New Save” on the save menu. I hate myself.


These are lovely! Thanks @Averest for Silkweed Swamp! Also @Esriel, this desert town looks amazing. :slight_smile:

This is my Rayas children town, the Tailz trading co.

All buildings are custom and the town gameplay evolves around gaining wealth. In the middle of the town there is a pit with a huge pile of goldcoins (its nowhere filled in this savegame) And the end goal is to fill the pile with gold, i have not counted how much it can hold, but a quick guess is 1 million…
The town focus its trade on corn flour, clay tea pots, stone gargoyls and tapestries… oh and of course gold ingots :rofl:

The town houses 20 hearthlings.

The mod list:

I hope you like it… thanks.



Here is my Town SkullRock

Used mods:


That is awesome! Love it. And you make the roofs like me!!!


Amazing build. I love the cramped feel and busy streets.

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@Fornjotr and @groms these are both amazing :slight_smile: Thank you!


I love how @stonemonkey loves our builds :merry:

Come one girls and guys, show off your cities

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HA! I just need to stop modding and play more!!!


Here’s the town of Franzin-sur-Lac.
No mods.


Time to share some screens from Debris!


So tell me honestly. How many folks went full screen with a few of these and tried to pan around too look.

@stonemonkey <- Guilty.


I kind of wish that I could look around at these cities. They put what little things I’ve done in the game to shame.

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As soon as I saw this thread I began to think up this project and about 4 days later I had an idea of what I wanted to shoot for. Here is the result…

Too many screenshots to upload, so here is a link to them instead

Mods: (7.3 MB)

Some mods I wish I had before I started this project:

This project was originally started to answer a question I posed in this thread:
What is Your Ideal Town Layout?

To save time, due to being constantly attacked, I decided I should first design a way to make a wall that can be placed as I need it that can be built in a reasonable amount of time. In solving this problem I ended up making this thread: My Experience Designing Defenses [Wall Templates]

Also the Finery Mod v5.6 Jul 22 [A24+] - On Steam Workshop inspired me with the edgers to create roads that have more depth to add to the flavor of the town. This ended up being a huge construction project with a lot of challenges.

Some things I had planned to do is make a moat going around the wall as well as a watermill with a waterfall to power it feeding into a small pond that would connect to an underground tunnel system so that I could have street drains in some spots.

Unfortunately this project has become too time consuming to finish in time for stream 300 so I’ve decided to share it now instead. I ended up finding a number of problems during this project and its made progress grind to nearly a halt as I have had to rebuild the entire wall, road and some buildings multiple times. Saving a 100MB game takes a fair bit of time and disk space, I’m up to 15GB for this project and its not even done. Due to this I play with autosave disabled and when I run into problems and a build fails or the game crashes or has a memory leak or the mods don’t work the progress I lost is very disheartening and I have to go back and try again until it doesn’t. Ah well, its alpha but I have high hopes for A23 and beyond.

All in all this was a really interesting thing to work on and I learned a lot from it and had fun trying to solve the problems along the way.

Here are the threads I made that came about due to this project:

Color Coded Orders & Builds
Interacting with Physics & Mechanical Structures
Shared Stockpile Filters
[A22.5 r763 (x64)][M] Merge Road Error
Template Image Not Displaying Large Builds
Overwriting Template Names Does Not Update Image (In Some Cases)
Find & Replace Pattern of Blocks within a Template
Rotten food to Compost
Template Images Not Displayed In-Game When Placed in Folder
Player Template UI - Tabs / Folders / Flip / Replace
Unlock Teir 2 Templates for Ghost Building


I was hoping to make an epic city - well, as epic as I can muster, at least - prior stream 300 was upon us.
However, I’ve put so much time into modding and other coding-things that I’ve come to realize my city is hardly even started in time for stream 300 xD

But, when looking at the cities other people have shared in this thread, I think it’s safe to say you still got some epic cities to include in number 300.

I think my favourite cities are… well, ALL OF THEM! :scream:
I’d also like to suggest/request @forsmanos to share his cities from their thread into this one; the two cities in there just look amazing in my opinion!


Just watched stream 300. I managed to shut down my alarm while i slept (of all the streams to miss, this is by far the one i have waited mostly one watching live)… :smile: Thank you for the words regarding the Tailz trading co. town, that means alot.

And what a treat to see all of the team (almost) gathered in one spot. I am personally looking forward to what we can expect in 2018 :slight_smile:


Sorry to hear that. It was a really great stream.

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you are not alone there, I missed it as well :cry: