Overwriting Template Names Does Not Update Image (In Some Cases)

As the thread title says. Try to overwrite an old template with a new design and the image does not get updated and no longer represents what the template actually is.

This was done by creating the floor then the wall, saving the template, then undo the creation of the wall and re-saving it with the exact same name but this time no wall. The result is a template that is not what you expect it to be based on the image.

This is not limited to just undoing things, but creating exact copies of a template out of a different material such as wood to stone or brick- in this case the image would not update to the new material.

Here it is now with stone instead of wood, and the image still hasn’t updated from when it had walls.

And just to go full circle, I now change it to brick and build a wall again.

Anyone else want to play “guess whats in the template?”

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It’s probably because the image is cached or something. F5 solves it.

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good to know, thanks.

still hope this is fixed so I don’t have to spam F5 so much