Will building templates work with future versions?

if i make a bunch of building templates will they work in future versions or do updates break them? also when I add images to the folder they don’t seem to show up on the building in game.

You have to edit in a piece of code to the template file linking it to the image. Also as far as I know, its a case by case situation on making templates unusable.

If you look in the base templates, the code you need should be in there.


Once further details / options are added you should expect that the templates might break. Depends a bit if the file structure will be adjusted and e.g. current elements of the building will change.

You can find a tutorial on how to do this in the following thread:


ive just tested this for you and yes they will remain in tact ( i have old versions of the game for a personal history with maps that are not compatable) your maps might break due to generator changes or what have you but your templates should be fine your hearthings might build them differently in future updates but the final project once templated will look the same every time it is built no matter the version