What is Your Ideal Town Layout?

Asking myself this question, I made a flow chart to try to break down the logistical problems to cut down on travel distance and the time it takes to build roads and defenses. This would be a bonus in that the AI pathfinder should have an easier job to do and increase performance as well.


This seems to be a pretty good overall plan, but I was wondering what other layouts some of you might have for your big towns. Please feel free to share them below! :merry:


Uhm… Can you explain this?
For example, what the colors means, or why some have double lines connections. Most important, what is the relation of a mason and chickens? :smile:


its basically the material that travels from one to another in a vanilla game.
so the mason requires feathers (I’m so silly) and a food donation box as well as some woven goods, an ingot and a pot to upgrade your town. a rare case, but I included it in the visuals anyway. I didn’t put a potter on here, but it would be where the carpenter is.

as far as colors, if it has two it means a different material.
-grey is either feathers, wool, cloth or ingots
-brown is either leather, wood or pelts.
-orange is veg
-red is meat.
-dark blue is raw materials like stone,wood,ores,dirt
-light blue being flax.
-purple is herbs.
-green just represents the path of the farmer.
-black is the path of the hearthling workers/soldiers using the beds, their path would obviously continue to be whatever their task is.

really what this is helping me do is figure out what buildings I can merge together into one template or put a second story on so that when I build a wall around my town, it will not take so long because the used area will be much smaller.

for instance a mason with a trapper on the second story would be fine. as well as an engineer/blacksmith combo. a bed/herbalist combo would also make sense for when hearthlings get injured and standard dining/cooking. it would then make sense to do a carpenter/potter combo and a weaver with a second story shepherd

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Wait, no. Feathers are only used for quivers, in the weaver. (You made me go look up lol)

I was used to worry only about the food production, so farms would be close to the cook. But in my last town I simple made everything spread and mixed (trying to make it look natural), the only thought I put into it was to have the dinning area (with cook area) near the center of the town.


lol rip sorry yeah I think I got it confused because I am using mods when I made this haha. oops

I’ll update the OP

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I see that you have one labeled “Beds”. You don’t cram all of your citizens in a barracks do you?

Poor things.

Maybe you should try incorporating a bedroom in each facility for the ones that work there. Assuming you don’t already, its not that hard.

nah as I kinda mentioned

its just for workers and soldiers basically. the labels should have housing, yes

here is what it ended up being in game

Share a city from A22.5!


I like those dirtpaths. The idea with the gradient colors are super awesome, it would just make more sense to me if there werent all those “untouched” grass areas in between. do a hearthling thread harder on the corners or what was your logic on that design decission Genboom?

Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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its unfinished. the idea is to do the intersections first because they are the hardest to blend together. This also means the template will not be massive and I can build the streets in sections. The problem is that I should have probably added the edgers before building the template because merging 1 edger at a time into the existing build is very bad for performance and is a lot more tedious. Having rebuilt the entire road system about 4 times over now, I got tired of messing with it. The idea is that edgers would cover all of the roads and then extend into garden areas or town centers where people would gather to trade etc, but the merging edger into the building template problem became too annoying for me.

I do plan on making a thread with some road templates for those that like this look, I am just a bit spent atm, having worked on this for over a month. I will get around to it soon

I have 298 templates mostly due to the wall and road designs, and I would have to add all the different road varieties to this, with edgers on them. It would take me a number of hours to get it all together.

I should mention these roads are super expensive to build because clay is so precious. You can’t see it here but I have dug out a huge amount of dirt and I still can’t afford these roads. Its ridiculous how rare clay is.

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Lovely analysis and corresponding city layout! Thank you!


I do not build my town like that.
It must look good :smile: from my point of view.
But I prefer to place the tavern in central areas and farm, sheepherd or hunter houses near their working grounds.

Every house has crates or chests etc. that is why after some time the path become shorter.
But I also build a store house most of the time, since I like to have one.

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