Town planning - Blueprint mode

When you start a city or improve on it, you feel like you want to build everything. But also, you might just want to start by planning a basic layout for the roads, storage, fields and building placement.

So it would be a layered view where you can trace your town blueprint, and you can turn it on/off to see your current constructions compared to the initial blueprint. You can also edit multiple times afterwards.

If we can take this further, you could create multiple blueprint layers for different projects and part of the town.


Could you please elaborate in which aspects your proposal differs from the currently implemented building view? (in which you can place as much blueprints for houses and streets as you like and start building these only when you think you’re ready for it.)

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It would be more like a flat view, where would could basically “paint” the layout quickly without having to design a whole building. And it would also apply to roads, storage, fields, maybe even fences.

So it would be like tracing a map of your town layout, and would can improve on it after time.

So like a quick draft with no relation to actual ingame building fields or roads but only a reminder where to build/expand for you to blend in and orient yourself?

Have never thought of such an ingame tool 'cuz i like to scribble the layout of my towns on paper next to the keyboard and my mind of course… :wink: