Town Planning Mode

I’ve been playing a lot of Rimworld as of late so when I jumped back into Stonehearth, I realized I was kind of missing something; the ability to plan my town ahead of time. There is something in Rimworld that allows you to draw out dotted lines to plan everything, including where you want to build your buildings. What is nice about these dotted lines is they ignore everything from trees to the mountains and don’t actually do anything.

When I play Stonehearth I kind of like going from building to managing everything to fighting and back so I don’t really like having to plan all my buildings at once. I would just place foundations to block out where I want things except I would have to have my hearthlings clearing everything in the whole area when I would rather them doing other things.

What do you guys think? Would you find having an ability to plan your town ahead of time useful?


I know it is not exactly what you wish for, but there is this mod that is kind of based on the same thing or idea…

If anything, i hope that it can help you in some way.

The key difference between the two games is in Rimworld when you place any block, it’s automatically set to be built. In stone hearth, you can just start drawing, and until you hit build, nothing gets built. You can draft all the roads and floor plans you want. You don’t even need to design complete houses if you want to get a sense of the space. Yes, there are some limitations with obstructions changing elevations, but at the same time, Stonehearth is also a much more 3D game than Rimworld and that makes a big difference in how you need to treat space.

When I’m playing a game, if you were to open the construction view, you’ll see a half dozen planned but un-started buildings at any given time.

That said, I do wish there was some quick measure tool. But maybe I just spend too much time working in CAD.


This is true for sure and if the mod @Fornjotr mentioned doesn’t end up working for me, I will resort to doing that. The biggest thing for me is you have to clear out the whole area of trees and plants to work on the blueprints where I prefer to harvest these as I need them.

A quick measure tool would be nice for sure XD I currently just use a zone to measure stuff, especially the animal pasture because if one side is under 10, it’ll just go away when you finish.

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same here, I wish it displayed the number of blocks length, width and height for everything I build before its placed and be able to toggle it on and off afterwards. this would be such a huge help for designing things when you have a specific idea in mind