Building lots (building placement preplanning tool)

Do you like symmetry in your towns? Do you like the idea of squared city blocks, straight avenues, and neat fences separating your heartling homes that stretch across the open fields?

And are you bloody tired of trying to measure it out manually?

I present the solution: Lots. Areas of predefined sizes that can each contain a single building, or whatever you wish to fill them with, like fountains or farms.

They could be walled, fenced, or simply open. They could be invisible so you don’t even have to look at them unless you open up the building tap.

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Altho i think this could be usefull for some people, I wouldn’ t want it to replace the current system. Part of the appeal of stonehearth is the freedom in building. I would be really depresed if i would have to build the lines.

I think that this could be a good mod for people who would like this but it would ruin the game for me if this would force me to build on plots to build anything.

Or if it would be implanted in the main game make it the way that its a feature in which you can make your own shaped plots and/or use preset plot sizes. And when in building mode you can freely build on the plots and have a few axtra like you named as walled, fanced, etc. It would basicly give you the option to change and add a few things within the plot.

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I do this using the stockpiles. I draw areas with them, and as they have numbers measuring its sides, it is perfect for me.


That is a great idea! :smile: I think I will try it out myself.