[MOD] Roll For Need - loot mod

Roll for need is a mod which adds new crafting resources, weapons and armor. These new resources will have to be found by your hearthlings from old ruins, powerful monsters and forgotten treasure chests which are scattered across the terrain. Not only do they contain new resources however, but the new weapons and armor themselves as well as the chance to find recipe scrolls. The recipe scrolls will allow your craftsmen to create these new weapons and armor, however they are much harder to find.

Some of the loot drops on monsters have been modified to give a chance of dropping the new items and I have added 2 new advanced monster encounters, the entling ritual site and the magma golem emergence. Overall the mod includes 4 new resources 4 new weapons and 5 new armor pieces. Some of the weapons and armor are more powerful and more rare than others and can include powerful buffs. The current set Includes 2 legendary weapons and 1 legendary armor piece to find. I plan to add more to the mod over time and right now the mod is aimed more at the ascendancy faction and temperate biome but I will change this in the future. Also note you will need to start a new game to fully experience the mod. So for now that is all I will reveal and leave it up to you to find these new items.

Item List Spoiler

Common Items: Long Bow, Iron Wood Shield, Sharpened Short Sword, Reinforced Leather Armour
Rare Items: Blessed Shield, Consecrated Circlet
Legendary Items: Molten Sword, Molten Armour, Great Oak Bow

Download Roll for Need V0.34 Currently compatibile with alpha 22.5

As always report any bugs or suggestions for the mod here. I’m also looking for feedback on the drop rate of the items and balance of the items and monsters.


Sounds interesting, ill give it a go soon :slight_smile:



thank youuuuu!

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Trying this mod out and I encountered an issue where the weaver could not make a spool of thread. The weaver recipe mixin, for tough leather, had the wrong name call, changing this to tough_leather, fixed the issue.

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I second this issue, same thing.

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Thanks, I’ve resolved it and uploaded the fix :+1:

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Sounds really great!! Will surely try it :heart_eyes:

I opened SHED and found some things in your mod, I hope you don’t find my bug reported too presumptuous:

  1. Iron wood shield icon needs to be changed from “file(wooden_shield.png)”, to “file(iron_wood_shield.png)”,

  2. “iron_wood_shield_recipe_scroll.png” needs to be changed to “iron_wood_shield_recipe_scroll_iconic.png”, same for:

  3. “strong_box_scenario” alias in your manifest is missing the closing )

  4. “magma_golem_smoke_effect.json” doesn’t exist, I assume this should be changed to “magma_eruption_effect.json” in your manifest.

  5. localization reference “entling_ritual_site” should be changed to “entling_ritual_totem” in en.json

Hope this helped, and you can get SHED as well to check these things :slight_smile:


I noticed the same as @Wharp
to also include
The manifest.json file had two errors
line 60 and 78 needs the last , before the } removed
line 60
"entities:camp_pieces:entling_ritual_site": “file(entities/camp_pieces/entling_ritual_site.json)”{had a , here the made it expect the list to continue}
Line 78
"stonehearth/data/gm/campaigns/ambient_threats/arcs/trigger/ambient_threats/ambient_threats_arc.json": “file(mixins/ambient_threats_arc.json)”{had a , here the made it expect the list to continue}

-Note it took me a moment to figure out that the scrolls are wall mountable and not placed on the ground. I thought they were broken until I checked the .json

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I would also like to report that the “Longbow” recipes are hidden in the default carpenter view, you have to actually type “bow” in the search field to make them who up.



  1. Yep that’s wrong fixed now.
  2. Yep also wrong fixed now.
  3. Surprised this didn’t raise an error in Stonehearth when it read the manifest, but anyway also fixed now.
  4. This is actually ok as they are or will be 2 different effects that was just left over from some experimenting I did. I will leave it as it for now.
  5. This is more an issue with the i18n in entling_ritual_totem file which I have fixed but as the totem was only ever used in the encounter it doesn’t really matter as it has its own unit info.

Thanks for the report and the reminder about SHED I did used to use it but as I hadn’t done much modding in a while I completely forgot it existed :sweat_smile:


Also now fixed. As for the scrolls being wall mountable it certainty isn’t clear they are wall mountable but I’m not sure what the solution is other than adding to the description though that doesn’t seem appropriate.


This is a bug but not quite in the way that you describe it, the longbow should be hidden in the default carpenter view until you get the recipe scroll to unlock it. The fact that they show up seems to be a bug with Stonehearth I just tested it with some of the recipes that can be unlocked by the mason as town quest rewards and they also show up after searching but then disappear when closing the crafting menu and reopening. So I think this bug will need reporting if it hasn’t already been.

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I have not used this mod due to being in the middle of a play-though, however, I know I will love this mod in my next play-though and have had it sitting on my desktop since your post. Thanks for the epic mod!

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Why did you call it “Roll For Need”?

In a lot of mmorpg games the loot system usually gives players 3 options when sharing loot between them pass, greed and need. So “roll for need” is in reference to that, rolling to say that you need the item and the player with the highest roll would gets the item and as the hearthlings always need better loot it seemed to fit, though it is bit obscure :grin:


That’s a very fitting reason. I havn’t done many mmorpg’s myself so it was lost on me. Shameful plug; did you see my suggestion on loot rework?

I did see it and I did consider something like that for this mod. Although in the end I decided against it for a few reasons. Firstly I felt like if the stats were randomised on crafted weapons or armour this would encourage people to keep crafting over and over until they got the most optimal stats which didn’t sound fun. I then considered only doing it for looted weapons but then it seemed unfair that the looted gear could be better than the crafted gear. I also thought about only doing it for legendary weapons but I wanted these to be very rare, to the point that a player may only ever find 1 or 2 of them and so it seemed pointless randomising stats for only 1 or 2 items.

I do perhaps like the idea of modifying stats for items when crafted by a blacksmith with certain perks or after completing quests that give them more knowledge, something like that as an alternative to just crafting higher tier weapons or armour to get better stats.


Yeah, I thought if it were to work it would have to be exclusive to loot. I had been working on the idea before I saw your post so I figured you would find it interesting. A perk for crafters might not be bad, even if it were like furniture with the chance of making a fine weapon.

Found one more thing, for the sacred alter “resource” had to take out the word “entities”, as it was giving an “aliases not found in manifest” error so it was not giving blessed water.
changing it to this made it work.

  "stonehearth:renewable_resource_node": {
     "category": "harvest",
     "resource": "roll_for_need:resources:blessed_water",
     "renewal_time": "72h",
     "unripe_description": "i18n(roll_for_need:entities.treasure.sacred_altar.unripe_description)",
     "harvest_overlay_effect": "stonehearth:effects:loot_effect"

Not sure why you had that but that is not present in the current version, in fact it is identical to the JSON you posted. I also tested harvesting blessed water from the altar and it worked fine. Is it possible you changed it yourself by accident?

Sorry about that @The_M
I had forgotten to download your newest version, and was still working with an older one, that I was making changes to, as issues were found. I am going to make sure to have your latest release going forward. -that’s what I get for doing things late at night and half asleep.

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