[MOD] Transmute UPDATED (20/10/2016)

Hi guys, i dont know if this have been done before but i decided to try and make it, its a mod that gives some work to your Herbalist and transmute resources into others, you need the workbench to use it (example 10 Wood into 5 Stone or 10 Stone into 5 Cooper), that way you can get those rare resources faster but not super fast, if you want to get your resources just this way you will need a looooooooot of Wood (or clay, cause i take care of the desert too)
Any way, enough chit chat, i hope you like it

Btw is my first mod so, be nice k? and sorry bout my bad english :stuck_out_tongue:

Pd: it wont let me paste more than one image cause im new, but heres a link :slight_smile:





There have been many post asking for more things to do with the alchemist. I will defiantly check this out. Also http://praisedb.x10.bz/ is a user created website where people can place their mods as well.

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oh thanks for the hands up, im new here, so lots of things to learn :slight_smile: !

ascendancy is OP w/ this mod.

Maybe would seem that way, its ok for people who wants to use it, believe me, is not that fast, test it!

Sorry, I didn’t say it in a bad way. I’m just saying it. Maybe I should write more emojies to set the mood of what I’m writing. hehe! :smile:

quick question since I can’t test it while at work :joy:, what will the herbalist obtain after crafting the item? an ingot or a recolored stockpile?

Ok i didnt take it the wrong way :blush:, the herbalist will craft a stockpile, example, he will use 10 stone to create a stockpile of 5 cooper, then you can loot it, but it would give you ingots not ore, so it wont be easy for the blacksmith to lvl, cause he will need ore to grow at first.


Mod has been updated!

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Mod not found :sweat:

Links fixed, im very sorry!