Anyone thought of alchemy?

I’ve always wondered the aspect of alchemy in the “Stonehearth world”. For those who don’t know what alchemy is its ,medieval chemistry used by many countries, including asia. Example: China and a alchemist’s job to convert metal into gold.(It was the main goal), Instead he created gunpowder which then lead into flintlock rifles or weapons, which gives me another idea; though lets focus on this subject.


Isn’t this the herbalists job?

Not exactly, herbalists are more of a support job, and they make tonics.

How about the thought of adding Lead, and the alchemist class? (lead could be be used for other things, weapons ,turrets, and defensive gear.)Yet lead was the element to be “converted” into gold, No success; But during the cold war ,Soviet Scientist have actually successfully converted lead into gold.

Probably won’t be so hard in stonehearth though.

Right! I have decided to devote my time into mod-making, The Alchemy mod shall be made!

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Nice! Sounds Great. Good luck :smile:

Lead_axe.qb (2.1 KB)
How does this look?

Looks good, pretty stonehearthy in style.

P.S. Please try to post a picture, so people without voxel editing software can see it, too

Sure thing.
May I ask, how do you convert a .qb file into a picture?

Nevermind got it.

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Whatever you did there, and also, if you use windows you can use this ‘cutting tool’ to create partial screen shots:

That’s what I always use.

The alchemist table is a [WIP], let me know if this is a start.
Here’s the finished version

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I haven’t used Qubicle in far too long now, but if you check the render tab on the right, or the render menu at the top, there should be an option to render image, to get a clean image without the UI and grid. There is also the option to render turntable to make an animated gif with the camera rotating around its focus point (or if it’s around the origin of the scene, don’t remember).

Nice models so far. Keep it up. :slight_smile:

Also made some ducks, don’t know why, I felt as I needed it.

like the idea with alchemistry is like chemistry, which would be cool and cool lead to like a musketeerman, or a cannon, something like that could be cool

I love the idea of an alchemy mod!
The designes are nice so far.
Keep us up to date how it’s going on new designes and the mod itself! :smile:

They are also converting lead into gold right now. And by “they” I mean scientists all over the world that have access to particle accelerators. The problem is energy. It takes so much energy to actually convert lead nuclei into gold nuclei, that it’s just cheaper to NOT make any, …ever. Thousands of dollars of costs spent on energy alone result just in tens, maybe hundrets of atoms worth of product.

What alchemy could be used in game instead could be making dyes for crafters, gunpowder, or something like the greek fire, which could be an amazing defensive “napalm pit” material.

An alchemist could also be a cool way to introduce some form of steam powered devices thay require refined fuels etc

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Yeah steampunk :blush:

Woah, alchemy would actually be a really cool solution to resource scarcity. The player can’t find enough gold/copper/iron, and it’s turning into a gameplay frustration? Not to worry, with the alchemist class you can transmute materials you have lots of into that needed thing! It’d be both a solution for scarcity and an economy sink. It’d need balancing though to make sure that it wasn’t always the easiest and quickest solution to any resource need.