Correct proportion question

Calling @Chabonit and @pingu

I have a minor (just a smidge) concern about your mod.

I know that this is just purely aesthetic use but,
who has the correct proportion? @pingu’s bookshelf or @Chabonit’s cabinet?
fine comfy bed for scale


I think thyre both the right size however the book shelf has oversized items on it. Using my own furniture as a ref, i think theyre both proportionate just wrong sized books and scrolls.


Hey ^^

I used the Hearthling Models for the proportion. Maybe some books look oversized but they where meant to be really big books (like the old medieval ones)

something between a normal and this one :smiley:

The normal books are the blue and yellow one.


I see, so that’s why. Thanks for the reply

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btw. really really cute sleeping room :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

I think they’re both wrong. Height wise, the bookshelf is good, but the books are too big. As for the cabinet, I think it’s too small compared to the bed. I mean, what could be stored in there, a couple cups?

I find the books having a good size - I think they fit the style @pingu went for very well.
As a kid, I loved browsing through big books like that (found in my parents “library” section).

As for the cabinet, it does seem “small”, yeah. I still looks really cute imo ^^,

I better jump in, since the cabinet is my creation and @chabonit seems to have disapeared a while back :slight_smile:

I agree that the cabinet is too small, when i made it i based it on the model for the dressers. So all in all i think that the dressers themselves are to small, the same with almost all the furniture?

From where i stand, the bed and @pingu `s bookshelf are the correct scale…
Maybe you could take the models from the fornjotr mod pingu and incorperate them in yours? feel free to modify them any way you want if you want to use them :wink:


thanks! btw also, that’s the royal advisor’s room of the castle I’m working on.

yeah, I was thinking the same thing, I think the original cabinet you based that upon is 4 blocks wide while your custom cabinet is 2 block wide only. I didn’t compare them side by side so I’m not sure.

well this is because giants used to inhabit the lands. (multiple cultures around the world with nothing in common state this)

Ohh yes, if i have your permission it would be more than nice to add also your models with modified scale to the HomeSweetHome Mod :merry:

I just have to finish the last Update that i’m working on since 2-3 weeks :smile:

Would be nice to see the finished project :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


For me, when I see that bookshelf, the books themselves do look too big. I think of the cleric’s tome, which is “normal” in size.

Also, maybe there could be at least one more shelf for a total of 3, maybe 4, instead of 2? :slight_smile:

Still not done though. I’m having a dilemma on what to place on the west section of the castle, maybe servant’s quarters? I dunno. Already have plans on the second floor and top floor. I’m making it from the inside out so that I don’t have trouble with the x-ray and slice vision.

I’ll list all the mods I’ve use if I’m done.


Ohh wow :open_mouth: :open_mouth:
This is a castle!!

It looks amazing @Hunyo18!

I’ve decided to remodel the GF of the castle since a new stable patch came up so here are the details. I’ll model the 2F after posting this.


The GF layout:

  1. Mess Hall
  2. Kitchen
  3. Throne Room
  4. Hall of Legacy
  5. Private Room
  6. Royal Adviser’s Room
  7. Briefing Room
  8. Stairs to 2F

Zoom in:

1 & 2. Mess Hall & Kitchen
Cooking and Eating area of the castle



3) Throne Room
This is were the imaginary 7 tribes gather.

4) Hall of Legacy
For prayers, offerings and guidance.



5) Private Room
For secret talks and meetings

6) Royal Adviser’s Room
Room of the king’s right hand man



7) Briefing Room
Meeting purposes



8) Stairs to 2F
(with additional ale storage)

Mods used for building:
archipelago biome
armis maximus
better storage
canyon biome
floor colors
roll for need

Sorry for the low quality images. Hope you all enjoy and be inspired. I’ll followup this again after the 2F is complete. leave a comment for questions.


All I have to say is wow! That is awesome! What is the highest appeal you have in a room?

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It’s not yet done so I still don’t know. I can’t view their appeal value if they are not yet built and some items/mods I used are outdated so they don’t have appeal value yet. So I really don’t know.

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I’d love to know after they are done. :smiley: